Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Labis trip

It has been almost more than 1/2 yr since I have last updated my travelogue. I haven't gone for a holiday since the kelong trip in Aug 07. In the meanwhile, I shall blog about this CNY trip where a city pumpkin visits a village. =)

I intend to go overseas during CNY but my mom don't want, so in the end my whole family went back to my mom hometown - Labis. I never spend my CNY there before except when the year I was born so which means it's already 23 yrs. Time flies, I used to go back with my mom and sis during school holiday. After I went to secondary school, I never went back during school holiday anymore. In the past 8 years, I only went back twice including this time. My cousin even joked that we are living in faraway land.

A brief intro about my mom hometown cos definitely a lot of people don't know where is this place. Labis is the second largest town in the district of Segamat, Johor, Malaysia @ northern part of Johore State. The journey from Johor Bahru to Labis is ~ 2hrs. Labis is an agricultural town whose main export is rubber (extracted from wikipedia). To me, Labis is really a village. A village that u seldom see in Singapore.

For this trip, I wldn't be blogging in details cos really nothing much to blog lah. Let the pictures tell the story:

Taking snapshots while waiting for my cousin

Do i look like my mom???

Cos ppl say i resemble mom while my sis resemble dad

Reaching Labis
Railway track

To prove tt i'm in Labis, haha

Narrow road
Definitely can't see power cables above the ground in S'pore

Can find double storey house here

Abandon house?

Wow.. personal statellite

Woods for cooking
My cousin posing infront of the wok.

The dishes cooked using fire wood is delicious. Yummy!

Well in the toilet

Preventing the mosquitoes from flying into the room

Big tank for collecting water



This metal case is for storing rubber latex

Forgot wat is the purpose of this machine but is related to the rubber latex

Noodle stall inside a house My mom's primary school
This is for staging the chinese opera Playground
1st sunset of the rat year
Anybody struck gold???
Every morning I would woke up by the rooster and dogs before dawn
I call this flower powder plant cos when there is really powder inside the seed.
Yam plant and the yam is grown underground
Chilli padi
Forgotten wat is this fruit...
Cocoa plant
Rambutan tree
Super short coconut tree
Papaya tree
Is this tree dead?


Can spot different flower colour on the same plant?

My cute cousins posing


My sis blowing bubbles with my cousins
My cute cousin

论辈分,I'm their 表姨 but all call me 姐姐 so i'm not that old. =p

Lion dance
Lucky numbers
Ice kachang
Roti canai a.k.a. roti prata


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Looks for info on Labis, as I need to attend a dinner there and have a half day free session.
As your blog mentioned, looks like nothing much to visit there. Is Labis really such a ullu place?
Anyway, interest to know whether there is hotel in the town to put a night and also some place of visit?
Otherwise will need to go to Segamat to spend a night.
Alex Song

Anonymous said...

hi, Labis have 2 hotels there. besides that, have place like natural park such as hot springs, water fall and also Taman Negara.

Have a lot of nice food there, is a nice and peaceful place for you to relax especially the citizen who are very stress.

The Angel Who Sprinkled Her Stardust said...

I was randomly searching for some photos from Labis and i stumbled upon your blog. Seems like it's been a while since u last posted this.
I spent my childhood there and its such a lovely place with people who are simple and genuine.

I grew up in singapore, and by comparison, singaporeans are a butch of self absorbed imbeciles and ive always hated that blow hole.

Anyways, cheers for posting the photos that allowed me to have a modicum of reminiscence towards Labis as I used to go back every Chinese New Year but can't return this year cuz im waiting for my Australia residency approval :(

Hopefully someday we shall bump into each other in Labis since its such a small place.

Anonymous said...

hello~ i've found ur blog accidently, and i live in Labis n at Jalan Tien Han!! what a surprise!

NG seh cheong