Saturday, 1 May 2010

Studio M

Initially, I was thinking of booking a hotel through wotif secret deal for YQ birthday. But after I saw Studio M advertisement on Today newspaper, I was attracted to the loft design. Other than Sentosa Siloso Beach Roof Garden Suites which has a loft, Studio M is the only other loft hotel which I knew of. Currently, Studio M opening promotion starts from $160+ on weekends and there is additional 10% discount for OCBC cardholders.
I called Studio M room reservation department to enquire. Alisa from the reservation department was helpful in explaining the difference between studio loft and premier loft. The difference lies in the sleeping area and the working area. For Studio loft, the sleeping area is below and the working area is at the top. For premier loft, the layout is the opposite of studio loft. She also suggested the weekends away package which includes breakfast at $183++. Initally I booked the weekends away package but after discussing with YQ, we decided to change to the opening promotion package.

We reached Studio M at around 1.30pm and there were 2 persons queueing to check-in. We were given a room on the fifth floor. There is complimentary internet access inside the room hence I bought my laptop along.
Nice modern chandelier
Hotel lobby

Unlike Changi Village Hotel where the newspaper are hung at the door knob outside the room, the newspaper are placed on a shelf outside each floor lift lobby in Studio M.
Lift lobby
Long corridor to our room

Once we opened the door, my first impression is that the room is small and yet cosy. The bathroom and toilet are separated unlike in most hotel. The bathroom and toilet are very cramp and can only accomodate one person. I dislike the toilet bowl cos I find that it's a bit too high for me. @_@"
The sink is not found in the toilet but outside at the mini bar. There is no cabinet due to space constraints and 4 hangers were given in the room. When I searched through the drawers, only a pair of slipper is given and I requested for additional pair and two bathrobes. To my surprise, there is a torchlight inside one of the cabinet, I wonder if blackout occurs frequently?
There is a chair and sofa bed at the working area and the sofa bed can be unfold. Part of the long wooden table which is fixed to the wall forms the working desk and the other portion forms the wooden staircase leading to the upper floor.
Open cabinet concept
Working desk area
Mini bar and basin area
Toothbrush are hide behind the mirror
Safe box and mini fridge
Hair dryer and torchlight

At the upper floor, it is the sleeping corner and a LCD TV. There are 4 pillows given and I use one as pillow and the other as bolster. =p If I'm not wrong, there is a layer of futon on top of the bed but it's inside the bedsheet. This makes it very comfortable.
Upper floor
Queen size bed
I love the wooden staircase

After taking a rest inside the room, we went out to explore the poolside and left for our dinner.
I like the bright colours chairs
Gallery hotel

I made a reservation at The Central Ma Maison restaurant. My ex-colleague has recommended Ma Maison at Bugis and she mentioned that the food are quite nice. I found out that there is another outlet at The Central and is ~15min walk from Studio M.
Colourful Alkaff Bridge

I doubt I would come here for meals if I just happen to be shopping at The Central. I guess most of their customers are regulars as the restaurant was tucked at a seclude area beside Waraku restaurant. The restaurant is not big and I guessed it is able to accomodate around 40 people. It is advisable to make prior reservation. Upon entering the restaurant, I thought that I'm stepping into a English cottage although it did gave me a bit run down feeling. The dim lighting and candles inside the restaurant makes it romantic.
Facade of Ma Maison
Inside the restaurant
I like the colourful lamp
Paranomic view of Clark Quay from Ma Maison

The food in Ma Maison is a fusion of French and Japanese. We ordered Escargots, Beef and pork patty burger and Tonkatsu chicken meal. The escargots were salty and I preferred the Au Petit Salut escargots which were so delicious.
The patty is tender and yummy but the sauce spoiled the dish. It is again salty to our taste.
Beef and pork patty burger
Salad and plum sauce
Cute wooden scoop

The crust is very crispy and the chicken is tender but again the sauce is not nice. They should use curry sauce instead of sour plum sauce. The potato salad which is a mixture of potato and egg taste nice. The yellow sauce mixed with the cabbage salad and is yummy too. YQ likes it alot. Even the prickles taste nice. Normally inside the miso soup, there is only seaweed but the miso soup here also has carrot inside. The tonkatsu chicken meal comes with black seasame ice-cream too.
Tonkatsu chicken meal
Black seasame ice cream

An interesting thing in Ma Maison is that a large key is given to each table after all the dishes are served. The key is labeled with the table number so diners bring the key to the counter for payment after they finished their meals.
Large brass key
 After a filling meal

We strolled back to Studio M after our dinner. We stopped at Liang court along the way as YQ wanted to buy coke. We thought of catching Ip Man 2 but most cinemas were fully booked. In the end, we watched National Geographical Channel inside the room.

We woke up quite late the next day and ordered MacDonald breakfast. I bought a mini mango cake from Breadtalk but it was not really nice.
MacDonald breakfast
Birthday cake for YQ

We checked out at 12pm and there was a long queue at the reception checking out but only 2 staff at the front desk. We queued for almost half an hour before it's our turn. This is really something that they have to improve on.

We went to Plaza Singapura to watch Ip Man 2 and had late lunch before heading home. Hope that YQ enjoyed what I have arranged for him.

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