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Wanderlust Hotel

We had a staycation at Wanderlust hotel to celebrate my belated birthday since I came back on the weekend of my birthday. YQ choose this hotel cos we happened to pass by Wanderlust one day when we were walking around that area and I told him that this is a newly open boutique hotel. YQ booked a Pantone room package which includes breakfast at $180++. For your information, Wanderlust hotel, Hotel 1929 and Majestic Hotel belong to the same group which is own by hotelier, Loh Lik Peng.
Wanderlust hotel
Front desk
Everyone took photo with this background so why should we be the exception?

We reached the hotel at around 2pm but we couldnt check in as the room is being clean at the moment. We waited for almost an hour before we can check in at 3pm.
 Lobby area
Barber chair
Different hues

A hotel staff escort us to our room at level 2 which is the Eccentricity theme with each rooms rendered in unique hue. She explained to us the facilities in the room and YQ asked her if there is soccer channel in the room. =_=" We were given a purple room and I thought that YQ has requested for a purple room but he didnt. In my opinion, purple colour is associate with sense of mystery.

The room is quite small hence the bathroom, toilet and basin are separated. On the website, I saw that the toilets are transparent but luckily it's translucent. I don't think that this room is suitable for tourist as there are no space for luggages.

I like that the bed is on a platform and the long pillow too. This means we don't have to fight for pillows, haha...

Wow, all the drinks in the mini-bar are complimentary and we indeed help ourselves to the drinks.
Purple room

The staff give us a small notebook which introduces the hotel facilities, the surrounding area, the transport etc. This is similar to the hostel in Kyoto and Hiroshima; and this gives the guest a more personal touch.
Booklet from Wanderlust

Did I went to so many countries?
We took a short rest in the room before heading for dinner at around 5.30pm. We also found that the TV has reception problem and we notify the hotel before we went out. Had I know earlier that we will be staying in Wanderlust hotel, I would have asked YQ to make reservation at Cocotte which is located inside the hotel. I only knew it on Friday night and the restaurant is full house. Shall visit this restaurant in the future as the reviews are quite good. 

We walked to Muthu's Curry which is within walking distance at Race Course Road. Hmm... I commented that YQ is so unromantic cos he bought me here for my birthday dinner but he rebutted that shouldn't we have a change too?
Muthu's Curry
They even have their own catering lorry
Flowers are neatly arranged 
 Not a bad ambiance
 Saw the big pot surround by ropes? It's use for baking naan.

We ordered the signature dish - Fish head curry, nasi briyani and plain naan. Complimentary crackers, vegetables and egg plant are served. The curry was not bad but the fish was not really fresh. I'm not great craver of curry so maybe once is enough.
Fish head curry and crackers
Nasi briyani on banana leaves
Yummy plain naan

We strolled along Little India on the way back to The Verge to buy a cake for candle blowing later. There are so many Indians and we look like aliens here.
Lighting up of Little India at night
Nice car decal
Brisk business in this jewellery shop
Another new boutique hotel - Moon hotel is also located at Dickson Road
Facade of Wanderlust hotel at night

When we came back, the hotel staff asked us whether we want to change to another room on the same level since the reception problem of the TV in our room couldnt be resolved yet. Why not since it is complimentary? 
Cyan room
Happy Birthday to me!

YQ watched BPL on the soccer channel while I played with my new iphone and load games into his iphone. Haha... we keep ourselves occupied with activities. I woke up at around 3am cos it's so nosiy at the alley. YQ called the reception and complained. It doesnt seems to help as the noise continue and we had no choice but to bear with the noise until we fall asleep.

We woke up at around 9am and went downstair for breakfast. Breakfast is served from 7.30am - 10.30am. 
Cocotte restaurant
Love these retro deco

Breakfast is semi-buffet style. Every guest can choose one main from the 3 choices below.
 Breakfast menu
Norwegien smoked salmon and cream cheese chive bagel
Omelette, bacon, grilled mushroom and tomato
Buffet spread variety

YQ wanted to eat cereals but couldnt find bowls so he asked the hotel staff. To his surprise, the hotel staff told him to choose his choice of cereal and just pour milk into the glass bottle. This is indeed an unique way!
Cereals variety

After our breakfast, we went to level 3 & 4 to explore. Level 3 is the Origami theme. It's so coincidence that one of the room is being housekeeping hence we have a chance to view the room.
 I like the black and while tiles on the wall

The 4th level is the loft room but too bad, none of the room was being housekeeped at this moment so we cant view them.
Creative comfort theme

I didnt know that there is a jacuzzi in the hotel, otherwise I'll have brought my swimsuit along.
 Jacuzzi and garden

We went back to our room and took a rest. I decided to use the coffee machine and tried all the 3 types of coffee - Expresso, Lungo & Decaffeinato. I like Decaffeinato the best as there is a fruity taste.
Coffee machine and the type of coffees

We checked out at 12pm and went for lunch at Bugis before heading to Tiong Bahru to watch Detective Dee. Then we went to Anchorpoint to buy my present cos YQ left it on the bus. ><"

Thank you dear dear for the planning and the present. I appreciate it!

My birthday present

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