Monday, 26 December 2011

Conrad Centennial

We didnt went for any staycation this year and Conrad Centennial is the only Singapore hotel which we stayed in 2011. This was a complimentary stay which was part of our wedding banquet package from Peony Jade. We have a choice of either Conrad or Swissotel Merchant Court. We chose Conrad since we have stayed in Swissotel Mechant Court before. Hubby was drunk on our wedding day hence I called Conrad and changed the check in date to Boxing day.

When hubby went to the front desk to check in, a butler guided us to our room and check in for us in the room instead. He even gave me an arm size Conrad teddy bear! We were inform that we are able to check out latest by 6pm.
Hotel lobby
I like the spiral chandelier
Conrad bears Xmas tree
Front desk

The bed is super comfortable and cosy but I find it a bit soft for me. There is no free WIFI in the room and free WIFI is only available at the lobby. =( Hubby couldnt find the complimentary mineral water and he thought that the Evian water from the fridge is complimentary. Later, I found the complimentary Conrad water in the bathroom. @_@" In the end, we bought Evian water from a petrol kiosk when we went out for dinner to replace the one which he drank. It's definitely cheaper than the hotel mini bar price.

There's complimentary chocolate and fruits in the room and I couldnt stop eating the chocolate. The consequence is I have sore throat and fever later on. ><"

I knew that Conrad bears and rubber duck are complimentary so we took all back home, hehe... We also loved the slippers and we requested for additional pairs from the housekeeping.
Executive room
Wedding couple bears on such a huge bed
Mini bar
Xmas edition bear
Bear from the butler & complimentary chocolate
Our bear gifts
View from our room

We went to Ikoi restaurant at Miramar hotel for dinner. The restaurant is quite small hence it's full house, we ended up seating at the counter. The restaurant offers Japanese buffet and the price is reasonable. There are complimentary dishes from the restaurant and we ordered lots of sashimi. Too bad I didnt bought my camera along.

After our dinner, we went to pump petrol and bought the Evian water before returning back to Conrad. We rented 2 DVDs which are complimentary and we only watched "Date Night".

The next morning when I woke up, I'm feeling feverish and we decided to check out after breakfast. We packed our belongings and brought to the car before returning to Oscar for breakfast.

The breakfast variety is pretty good, there is a mixture of western and chinese food but I don't have much appetite.

Oscar restaurant
Breakfast variety

We checked out and left Conrad. Here goes my wasted staycation for not utilising the stay until 6pm.

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