Saturday, 15 November 2008

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is the 15th reservoir in Singapore and the 1st in the city. The catchment area is 1/6 of the size of Singapore and is the largest catchment area in Singapore. There are 3 benefits of Marina Barrage - Water supply, flood control and lifestyle attraction. For more info, visit PUB website:

View from Marina Bridge - the reservoir
View from Marina Bridge - the open sea
Cute poster - Water water everywhere
Shelter on the bridge
Taking a rest

Boat hoist - allow vessels access between reservoir and sea

Singapore skyline

So windy at the roof top
Good place to pinic rite?

Next we went to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG). Admission is free but do note that the opening hours is from 9am - 6pm on weekdays and 10am - 8pm on weekends and is closed on Tuesday. There are 6 galleries in the SSG showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.
Inside the organic tree
Tonnes of old newspapers

A wall made of NEWater bottles
Water droplet
Looks like water dripping

We were in time to catch the demonstration on how the barrage works. The barrage consists of nine crest gates which block out the tides. Each is 28 meters tall. If the water level in the reservoir is higher than the sea level, the gates would be open to release the excess water into the sea. But if the water level in the reservoir is lower than the sea level, several large capacity low head propeller pumps installed in the barrage capable would pump out excess water from the reservoir. Each Pump has a capacity of 40m3/s. This would translate into about the volume of an Olympics-size swimming pool per minute.
Rising water level in the reservoir
Crest gates opening
Substainable Singapore
It's our reflection
Nice background
Model of Marina reservoir
Nice pattern on the ground

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