Sunday, 19 February 2012

Diary Farm Nature Reserve

It seems that my posts on the attractions in Singapore has not been updated for a long time. I was busy for the whole of 2011 for my wedding and my last entry was in Feb 10 to the Army Museum.
Diary Farm Nature Reserve was open on 5 Sep 09. I didnt pay a visit even though I am living minutes away. Hubby friend - Samuel pick us up and we reached the nature reserve at around 9.30am. There are 2 carparks at the Nature Reserve and both are free parking. We parked at Carpark B which is nearer to the Wallace Education Centre whereas Carpark A is nearer to the MOE Adventure Centre.
Map of the park
Banana flower

Surprisingly, dogs are not allowed at nature reserve. Anyone know the rationale behind it?
 Dogs are not allowed but we saw this lady strolling with her dog
Trek at your own risk

After walking for about 10min, we reached Wallace Education Centre. It was previously a cowshed and has been restored. Visitors can learn about the changing landscapes of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve through various exhibits here.
Wallace Education Centre
Interior of Wallace Education Centre
The cow looks angry cos both of them are too heavy

Few minutes down the path is the Wallace trail. We took about 20min to complete the trail. The trail is considered easy compared to the trekking at Mount Sorak. =p Most of the trail are flat ground with around 30% steps.
The trail is marked by this purple stick
Tigers used to roam in this area
Wild plants
Small stream
 Bamboo shoots
That is a flower pot!
We are on the right track
Anyone knows what is the name of these trees?
This wild yam leaf is huge!
Hubby fanning the leaf

Finally after trekking for an hour, we reached Singapore Quarry. At first glance, it doesnt look like a quarry at all if compared to the quarries at Pulau Ubin. It resemble more like a wetland with the marshes.
Singapore Quarry
Archer fishes
This looks like lalang
The leaves are unique!
Monkeys everywhere

On the way back to the car park, I took a photo of Diary Farm Road. The trees planted in the middle of the road is unique compared to those in other parts of Singapore. A car passing by slow down when I was taking photo of the road as the driver may assume that I'm from the traffic police. ><"
 Diary Farm road
Butterflies & frog

After trekking for 3hrs, we had our lunch at Kim's Family Restaurant (Add: 17 Lorong Kilat, #01-06 Kilat Court). This was recommended by Samuel as he dined here before. We ordered 4 dishes - BBQ pork, cold noodles, Bibimbap and onion pancake. Every order comes with 12 side dishes. What a sumptuous lunch! I started to miss my trip to Seoul. The staff helped us to barbeque the pork as they can control the timing better. It's best eaten with the vegetable and sauce. Garlic is served but I didnt add it in. I like the cold noodles as the noddles is Q but the ingredients are sparse. I'm disappointed with bibimbap as Hubby didn't pour enough sauce to mix the bibimbap, hence it doesnt taste as good as the one I had in Korea. As for the pancake, I don't find it tasty enough as I ate it cold. The price of this meal is reasonable as it cost $60 for 3 pax.
Kim's Family Restaurant
The wall is full of signatures
So many side dishes
Pork & vegetable is a healthy choice
Cold noodles
Onion pancake

After our lunch, we passed by Udders and we went in to buy ice cream. Udders is famous for it's liquor ice cream. Hubby bought Hazelnuts and Snickers flavours. I find that Udders' ice cream is harder compared to the Andersen ice cream which we have at home. Hubby commented that it's over hyped.
 Udders ice cream
Durians lovers
This comic is cute!

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