Saturday, 21 October 2006


I always wanted to write a travelogue to document down my travelling experience, to share with my friends and I'm afraid that I may get Alzheimer's disease when I'm old.

Travelling has been my dream since I'm young. I thought that after I have graduated and started working, I can start to fulfill my long time dreams. Sadly to say, I only went to Hong Kong after I graduated. It has been 2 1/2 yrs since I last went for a holiday. Now I must start to fulfill my dreams otherwise how long I have to wait?

Before we graduated from poly, I told CH that I'll start to travel after graduation and in the end, the places that she went is even more than me so I must catch up now.

These are some places which I really hope to visit:
- Santorini in Greece (i think it's a romantic place for honeymoon)
Alishan 阿里山 in Taiwan - must see the 云海
- Alaska - see the northern light a.k.a aurora
- Rovaniemi in Finland - Hometown of Santa Claus

- Alps in Switzerland

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