Saturday, 21 October 2006

Sibu island trip - 21 Oct 06

Sibu island is located at the south eastern side of Peninsula Malaysia. The Sibu group of island consists of Sibu Besar, Sibu Tengah, Sibu Hujung and Sibu Kukus (Coral Island). Sibu Island Resort is located on Sibu Tengah island and it is the only resort in this island.

Location of Sibu island

The bus departed from Newton at 9.30am and going through the JB custom was a breeze as there was no traffic or human jam that day. We reached Taman Leman Jetty @ 12.15pm.
Me & Chew Hiang on the way to Taman Leman Jetty
Fredrick & Daiming on the way to Taman Leman Jetty
At Taman Leman Jetty
Our ferry departing from Taman Leman Jetty

The ferry was so cramped and we were told to put on our life jackets but we didn't follow suit. The ferry ride from Taman Leman Jetty to Sibu Island Resort took about 1/2 hour.
Inside the ferry

The walk from Sibu Island Ferry Terminal to Sibu Island Resort took about 5min and we were welcome by this "shark" and staff singing and playing the guitar.

Shark welcoming us

We checked into our rooms and settled down before walking around the resort.

Inside the room



Exploring the resort

The deer are able to roam freely in the resort but the poor goat and peacocks are confined within the fence.
After the walk around the resort, the 3 of them went to the gym as I didn't brought along my sport shoes. They returned within 1/2 hr time as there are not many facilities in the gym. After that, we went for swimming, jacuzzi and sauna. We had BBQ dinner at the poolside in the evening..
Poolside dinner
Queuing for food
Buffet dinner

After our dinner, we went back to our room to watch TV and slept early since we have to wake up early for snorkelling the next day. The tap water in the bathroom is so salty! The guys complained about it when they were bathing but I tasted the water when i brushed my teeth at night.

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