Monday, 12 March 2007

Berjaya Hills trip - Epilogue

If not for the slow bus journey to KL, we would have ample of time at Colmar Tropicale. I feel tt a 2D1N stay at Colmar Tropicale is sufficient as there are not much attractions at Colmar Tropicale. I would only stay for 3D2N those European towns and castles are open.

Actually for those with their own car, day trip without having to stay overnight is sufficient as the places in Berjaya Hill is quite compact and most are within short driving distances. Furthermore, it's near Genting highlands, so probably can spend a day at Genting and another day at Colmar Tropicale.

Sometimes, it may not be worthwhile to apply leave to visit these places where the attractions and activities will only last for a day. Once in a while, it may not be a bad idea to go for a weekend trip, but too much may result in me becoming fatigue, so it's like eating tonic, also can't eat too much, hehe

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