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Krabi trip - 21 Apr 07

Finally the day has come n i'm off to Krabi. Actually did quite a lot of research initially but somehow seems 2 lost my enthusiasm recently, so hope tt this trip do not turn out to be v bad as i didn't plan much.

Our flight is 1.35pm so agreed with CH tt we would meet @ budget terminal @ 11.30am. At 11am, she called me n told me tt she had reached. Hmm... I think HY n I gonna be late cos we only board a cab @ 11.15am. Luckily there is no traffic jam n we reach @ around 11.45am. Wow... the queue is long hence we have our lunch @ Han's first. I ordered hor fun cos i prefer Han's chinese food to western food. There were not much people eating so food was served quite fast. A lot of people mistaken the Han's menu board as the departure board, haha..... quite misleading...

Han's menu board

We had finished our food n there r still so many ppl queuing. Since we've nothing to do, might as well queue up. Budget terminal is really v budget, nothing to shop before check-in. There are only few shops after clearing the immigration. The Beijing friend tt i got to noe during my Macau trip comment tt budget terminal is the smallest terminal tt she've ever been to as she thought there is only a budget terminal in S'pore, haha... she didn't been to Terminal 1 & 2 otherwise she wouldn't have make such a comment.

B.t.w. didn't noe tt Tiger airways got allocate seats no. once you check in @ the counter, cos last time when i went to Macau, it was free seating. I noe tt can choose seats in Tiger airways flight when booking but must pay $5. Didn't noe tt they would allocate after you check-in. Hmm... next time must check in early to get good seats.

Still so many people queuing Finally can board the plane

Oh, for those friends whom i've not met up for v long, dun be shock when u c me cos i've cut my hair, haha... 头发真的是千根烦恼丝... Short hair is so easy to maintain...
My new hairstyle...Say cheese!Thailand immigration card
I think the flight is almost fully seated as i dun seems to see any empty seats around. Oh... discovered tt the flight can take a maximum of 180 passengers, cos got 30 rows n each row is 3 by 3.
An air stewardess approach HY, CH & I thought tt she is HY's friend cos she start the conversation wif '你的朋友啊?' then followed by '你们是一起去玩吗?' Then she starts to show her true colour, haha... She divert our attention to those items tt Tiger Airways sold on board.... Acutally I fancy a waterproof camera when I was browsing Tiger airway's magazine - Tiger Tales, somemore it's only $20 bucks n is not those tt can only use once n have to be disposed. Hence i bought the camera as i think it would be quite handy as i'm doing watersports in the next few days. Yeh, I can take photos underwater in the future.
The flight from S'pore to Krabi is only 1.5hr. Wow... so fast tt I didn't even went to the toilet. The plane landed @ Krabi Aiport @ around 2.30pm.
Krabi - here i come...

We spent about 1/2 hr clearing the immigration as only 2 counters were open, so inefficient. The immigration officer even stapled the departure card onto my passport. Hmmm... of all the countries tt i've been to @ this moment, none of the immigration officer would staple the departure card onto my passport. Although it may not take up a lot of time for 1 person, but there are hundreds of people waiting to clear the immigration! After clearing the immigration, we went to collect our lugguage and luckily our lugguage are already on the lugguage belt. Otherwise I wonder how long we have to wait for our lugguage.
We had arranged airport transfer with Wanna's Place which is 500baht per trip ~ S$25 so there was someone holding a signboard waiting for us. Oh, there are only 4 of us boarding the van which can accomodate abt 10 people.
Taking a snapshot inside the van Shops tt we pass by

The journey from Krabi airport to Ao nang beach took abts 1hr. Choose Ao nang beach b'cos I feel tt it is the most accessible compared to Krabi town, Railey beach n those island like Phi Phi island. Didn't noe tt actually the resort is called Andaman Sunset Resort n Wanna's Place is the name of the restaurant inside Andaman Sunset Resort.
Reach the resort finally!
The beach is just within 1min walk from the resort.

The reception didn't ask us for deposit payment, hmmm...dun they scare tt people would just run away after staying? Haha... i think everyone must be v honest.

Reception area
Swimming pool & Jacuzzi
Inside the resort

The rooms tt we booked r standard room. Oh, there are oso rooms above our room, those must be deluxe rooms with some offer sea view. There are oso bunglows but much more expensive.
Our rooms

This time I didn't post photo of the bathroom, haha... cos most bathrooms r abt the same. In the future, I would only post when there is something special abt the bathroom. Well, there is a safe deposit box in the room. Good, can store our $$ n passport inside there. Dunno y beach resort dun seems to have hairdryer in the room, cos the last time i went to Sibu Island, oso no hairdryer. But anyway, i dun need hairdryer cos my hair is short, haha... That's one of the advantage =p

Inside the room

We settled our belonging n went to explore the surrounding areas. We took a walk along the beach. Feel so relax... 蓝蓝的天, 绿绿的海.... 离开城市的步伐, 可以好好的放慢我的脚步, 享受大自然的美景.....
The colour of the water is beautiful! Ao nang beach
The 3 of us
The weather is so hot, gonna melt soon... We found an ice-cream outlet n went inside to have a dip. Hmm... no customers... 无所谓啦,反正现在我们就是想吃雪糕. A cup of ice-cream with 4 flavour cost 160baht ~ S$8, a bit ex... somemore the ice-cream seems to melt v fast...

Well, the ice-cream keeps melting, feel tt didn't really enjoyed the ice-cream. After finishing our ice-cream, we walk along those shops along the beach to decide for our itinerary tml.
Shops along Ao nang beach
Dun need 2 worry abt being 'slaughter' in Ao nang cos there r so many taxis listing their price so clearly. So the winner is the consumers!
Price of taxi trips
There r few types of taxi here - sedan car taxi, pick-up taxi n motorbike taxi. Seems like the more variety make the life more colourful here.
Taxi in KrabiMotorbike taxi - like tuk tuk
Recently i seems to take snapshot of post box whenever i went, here is the post box @ Ao nang beach. Probably recently the post box in S'pore r being decorated so nicely tt I begin to appreciate the design of post box.
Post box
Puffer fish?

There were quite a lot of shops offering similar package but we didn't decide on the spot. We took some brochures back to the resort for discussion.
Poster everywhere

I took a bath while they decide for tml itineraries. Although there is hot shower but it's not hot at all, luckily i bath in the evening, otherwise will be terribly cold at nite. They still can't decide after i finished bathing. So in the end, we come to a conclusion tt we gonna take a package which offers canoeing (cos FD wan canoe) n elephant rides (cos i wan elephant ride). N we decide on island hopping the following day.
After decided on tml itineraries, we went to 'For Friends' travel agency to book our package. The package cost 1,500baht ~ S$60 which oso includes lunch.
I suggest to them on having dinner @ this place called 'Bernie's Place' cos the buffet dinner is 220baht ~ S$11 per person. Where can find this type of price in S'pore? I think i get to noe this place when browsing through the tiger airways website. So must do some research before going for a trip, otherwise will missed a lot of good places.
We ask for directions @ the hotel lobby n i think the guy giving us directions shld be the owner of the resort - cos he's an Ang Moh. He was quite friendly n give us quite detailed directions. He told us to walk along the stretch of the shops along the beach, upon reaching the corner, continue walking along the road for abt 5 mins. N we manage to find Bernie's Place without much difficulties.

Bernie's Place
Cheap rite?
Buffet spread
Someone barbequeing for us...
Inside Bernie's Place Sausage n whipped potatoesFish n salad BBQ chicken n potatoes salad
The pineapple n oranges r extremely sweet!
The food is not bad n there is oso ice cream. Had quite a fulfiling dinner 2nite. We were discussing whether to go for massage after tt.
While looking around for massage, noticed tt there is motorbikes for rental. Read some other blogs b4 tt it's quite cheap to rent a bike here.

Too bad I dunno how to ride motorcycle
We decided on shoulder n foot massage as we were quite full so can't go for full body massage. The massage was quite cheap, 250baht ~ S$12.50 for an hr, definitely can't get such price in S'pore.
Feel so relaxed after the massage, i think i gonna fall a sleep soon.... It's already 10pm (S'pore time). B.t.w, Thailand is GMT +7 which is 1hr behind us. While walking back to our resort, saw a stall selling lighters. I bought a biege pig lighter for my colleague, quite cute, even got lights on the pig's eyes. I oso bought 5 flower soap carving for my friends while HY oso bought 5. B.t.w remember to bargin cos i think they just anyhow state the initial price.

LightersFlower soap carving
I took a quick bath after returning back to my room, ahhh... the water is so cold. So tired after a day.... Wah it's already 11.30pm, gonna turn in cos tml gonna wake up @ 7am.

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