Saturday, 5 May 2007

Krabi trip - Epilogue

I feel that for this trip, it's the sense of achievement that i enjoyed most.

First, I've learn how to snorkel on my own. Maybe to some people, this is like 芝麻绿豆的事 but to me, someone who don't how to swim, to be able to snorkel on my own without my friends guidance is really quite an encouragement to me, although I still drank a few mouthful of sea water. I like the feeling of seeing the fishes swimming around me, it's like i'm also the big fish between so many small fishes, haha. After this trip, I found that I enjoyed beach resort as much as hill resort so I have make up my mind to go to beach resorts at least once every year.

The next achivement that i accomplished is reaching the top of tiger cave temple. Along the way up, i've intend to give up climbing quite a few times but maybe I don't know there are how many steps as there are no sign indicating the number of steps. I feel that if I were to give up, i still have to ascend those steps that I have climbed so i told myself that I should have the determination n perseverance to continue. If I don't climbed now, maybe I don't have the chance to come back the 2nd time as nobody will know what will happen in the future. There is a group of Thais that I met on the way up and they encouraged me too. It's hard to describe the sense of satisfaction, 要亲生体验才会明白的!Suddenly I feel tt there is nothing tt i can't accomplish, must have the spirit of the tortise: 'Never give up'!

My both calf was aching for fews days after I came back and I fell down at home and injured my left feet, 真的是雪上加霜。I've been wearing slippers to work, feel so weird. So yesterday i wore my heels to work and when I reached home, my feet was in pain. I wonder how long it takes to heal?

My skins are peeling after too much tanning. I didn't dare to wear sleeveless shirt or dress to work cos it's a bit disgusting seeing my skin peeling. I wonder when is my skin going to stop peeling? Starting from nose, then shoulders, then now is arms, then what's next?

I read an article in the newspaper that a young executive died after working continuously using a laptop on her knee for 8hrs. She was feeling quite stressful before she died and there are symptoms that her health is deteriorating. 人生无常, 生命太短暂了。I must cherish today, cos nobody knows what will happen the next second. That's why I've been trying to lead a fulfiling life, I wanted to enjoy the most and don't live with regrets.

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