Sunday, 12 August 2007

Ocean Bay Resort trip - 12 Aug 07

I woke up at 6.30am to catch the sunrise. The tide is low that I was able to see the seabed. I was wondering where has the fishes gone as I can't see any fishes. I even walked around the pond to see where has the fishes gone. Later Andy told me that the pond is actually quite deep in the middle so maybe all the fishes are hiding over there.

Low tide Where has the fishes gone?

Celine and Diana also wake up around the same time so we watched sunrise together. The morning sea breeze was cold but I like the breeze blowing on me. 老天好像总是跟我作对,每次我早起要看日出都没有日出!希望皇天不负苦心人,总有一天我应该会看到很美的日出吧。 I like to watch sunrise cos it's not something that i get to watch it everyday. Actually watching sunrise, sunset and rainbow with your loved one is a very romantic thing.
From dawn to morning Waiting for sunrise

Too bad, the sunrise today is being blocked by the clouds, we can't see the big orange sun. =(
While waiting for the sunrise, we were chatting n listening to our mp3. We saw a man walking further and further away from the shore, probably to catch some seafood. I'm wondering how far can the man walk?
Walking in the middle of the sea

Breakfast was served from 7am. The breakfast comprise of half-boiled egg, bread toast and fried noodle. The fried noodle is quite delicious but a bit oily.


After our breakfast, we was thinking of what to do later. We looked through the DVDs but there was no interesting movie. We wanted to watch Transformer but the quality was quite bad. So we decided to go back to our room to sleep. Diana and Celine were sleeping while I read the Saturday Straits Times as I don't feel like sleeping at this time.

Live sea cucumber

We had yam & fish soup, chicken meatball, kangkong, chicken and shellfish for lunch. The kangkong is so spicy that I only are 1 mouth. The portion is enough for more than 3 people..


After our lunch, we looked for Tracy and informed her that we would like to go to the town for shopping and message before we board the return ferry. Hence we agreed that we would depart from the resort at 3.30pm, so from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, it's sleeping time again.

Before we left the resort, we paid for our accommodation. Each of us only need to pay $90 cos Andy give us the package of 4 people which is $93 for the 1st 2 pax and $83 for the next 2 pax. I thought that since there are 3 of us, it would be $103 each.

The journey to the town is 1hr so I slept throughout the journey. We stopped at a provisional shop to buy some tibits. I bought 2 packets of keropok n a packet of sweet & spicy sweet potato chips, cost Rp 27,500 ~ S$5.50. Diana and Celine changed some rupiah over here as we have to pay by rupiah at the massage parlour. I didn't exchange as I still have some left after the last Batam trip.
Ikan bilis & dried prawns Tibits Row of shops

We had 1hr full body massage for Rp 60,000 ~ $10. Well, the massage is ok only. The masseur asked me questions in Malay and I don't understand what she is asking so i just answer ok.

After our massage ended, Tracy's husband was waiting for us outside and he brought us to Mal Tanjung Pinang - Ramayana, a shopping centre which is just opposite the massage parlour. The shopping centre is more like a departmental store, probably it's considered a shopping centre for the locals. I didn't bought anyway as nothing fancy me. Diana bought 2 karaoke vcds, which cost less than S$10. 

We have about an hr for shopping as they only pick us up at 7pm. We had our dinner @ a fast food restaurant - Charlie's Chicken. I ordered fish n chips set which come with french fries n soft drink. The food sucks but there is only 1 fast food restaurant there.
By the time we finished our dinner, the van is here to pick us up. We reached the ferry terminal in 15min. On our way there, I saw a lot of stalls selling food at the waterfront leading to the ferry terminal so I guess there must be a pasasr malam there at nite.

Pasar Malam

The departure hall is so stuffy and we can't feel any aircon at all. Thanks goddness that the ferry is only delayed by 15min otherwise I gonna faint from the heat..
Waiting for ferry

We reached Singapore safety at 9.40pm. There were so many people queueing for cab so each of us called different taxi companies. We waited for so long on the line and finally Celine's get through hers. The cab arrived in about 10min time and I  reached home around 10.45pm feeling tired and exhausted.

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