Sunday, 22 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip - 22 Feb 09

Wake up at around 8.30am today and left for breakfast at around 9.30am. Angel is so clever, once she see the door is open, she quickly head to the car. She couldnt get into the car cos she dun have the strength to open the car door. Super cute loh, once the car door is open, she quickly climb up the seat.

I had chee cheong fan for breakfast. The prawn one taste nicer than the char siew one. I found the char siew one a bit hard and not juicy.

Chee Cheong Fan

We headed to Cameroon Highland after breakfast. This is my 2nd time visiting Cameroon. We are driving up to Cameroon Highland using Simpang Pulai road which is less winding. Simpang Pulai is abt 1/2 hr from Ipoh and is nearer to Ipoh compared to Tapah.

L plate car

Simpung Pulai road Angel is so adorable

We reached Cameron around 11.20am and went to a farm which you can pluck your own vegetables. I prefer coming here on my own as i can choose which farm i want to visit whereas the previous visit, the tour guide brought us to selected farms.

Saw the board?

Bigger than my head

Me & Angel

Hen & rooster

Red colour pineapple

It's huge



Dunno what berries?


Beetroot ParsleyPeas Purple cabbage?Colourful catus GrapesRadish

Next we stop at another town - Tringkap. There are rows of stalls along the roadside selling vegetables, fruits, roses etc.

Bee hives
MotorbikersWow... police bodyguard
Colourful roses
Purple cauliflower
Yellow & red tomatoes
Next we stopped by the water cress farm for lunch. I had been here before the previous time and still remember that the water cress water and tea egg taste nice.

Water cress farm
Passion fruit is known as 爱情果
Water cressAngel eating strawberry
Water cress water
People eating steamboat
The dishes taste so so
After lunch, we proceed to a strawberry farm. We didnt pluck any strawberries here but we tried the strawberries ice. We choose the fractose one which is quite sweet for me. Angel so clever, she's the 1st to finish while i'm the last. Haha...

Anybody interested?


Strawberries icetube

BOH tea centre is the largest tea farm in Cameron. It's situated at Sungai Palas which is 2km off the main road and there is only a road which can only accomodate one car at anytime. This explains why there is no tourist bus at BOH tea centre.

2km to BOH Tea Centre1km to BOH Tea Centre
Those brown patches are tea leaves harvested alreadyWorkers dormitory?
A walk to the tea centre
Tea leaves
We are reaching soon
I'm here
Angel cute pose
Angel running
Old rolling table
Tea leaf cutter
Visitor is able to tour the factory and is FOC. There are time interval on the visits. Do check before proceeding into the factory. The whole tour took less than 10min. I was disappointed that it ended so soon, well, FOC so cant expect much.
Tea factoryHow the tea is being processed
After that, we went to the souvenir shop and i bought some teas back.

Souvenir shopA tranquil place
We headed to another strawberry farm and it started to rain. The price is the same as the strawberry farm which we just visited. It cost RM30/kg.
Plucking the strawberries
So red red red!
Variety of catcus
Angel must be asking what is this?
The rain started to pour and after buying sweet corn, we head back home.
So mistyBiz must be affected
By the time we reached the foot, it's already 6pm and we head for dinner first before going back home.

Guan Yin cave
Ipoh train station
Dinner time

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