Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Kuantan-Genting-Ipoh-Cameron trip – Epilogue

I found that driving up to Malaysia is quite fun but familiarity with the roads there is an issue. Although the goggle map is a very useful tool, getting lost in Malaysia is not fun at all. Somemore I heard a lot of people say that the way of driving between a Malaysian and a Singaporean is different. Hmm... how different is it? Eh... I also dunno cos I dun have a driving license yet so I can't comment on it personally.

Singapore is just too small, sooner or later, all the interesting places that I can think of will be depleted. Malaysia is really big, the Johore state itself is dunno how many times bigger than Singapore. Malaysia is a good place to escape to for weekends with so many places to explore. Ok, wait till I have a driving license first.

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