Thursday, 24 December 2009

KL trip – 24 Dec 09

Waked up at 7am today and went to the Hotel restaurant at the 2nd level for breakfast. I like the interior of the restaurant and found it chic.

Viaggio Restaurant

I was surprised that the breakfast is not buffet type. There are 3 choices: Fried Bee hoon, Nasi Lemak and American breakfast. Both of us choose American breakfast.

Menu for breakfastAmerican breakfast
Taking a snap while waiting for DianaI like this purple sofa in the lobby

We finished our breakfast at 9am and walked to Pasar Seni LRT station. We walked past Petaling Street which is not so crowded during the day. Mostly are stalls selling breakfast.

Petaling street during the day

There are several flower stalls selling fresh flowers. The rose bouquet are very cheap, a dozen rose only selling for RM20. How I wish to buy all of them for myself. =p

Beautiful flowers

Pasar Seni LRT station is located beside a bus terminal. The bus terminal is unlike our bus terminal in Singapore where there are bus bays to park the bus, the buses just randomly parked along the road.

Bus Terminal

Illegal parking

We took LRT to Putra Terminal before taking a cab to Batu Caves. The journey from Pasar Seni to Putra Terminal tooks about 30min.
LRT under testing
Inside the LRT

After exiting Putra Terminal station, there are buses heading to Genting and taxi waiting for passenger. The journey from the station to Batu caves is only 10 min. We asked the taxi driver to wait for us here as it is hard to catch a cab here. We ask the taxi driver to go by meter. I paid the taxi driver RM10.80 including RM2 parking charges.
Batu Caves are made of limestone and is a sacred place for the Hindus. It is a pilgrimage site during Thaipusam. There is a Hindu deity Murugan statue at the base of Batu Caves. It is the tallest Lord Muruga statue in the world. There are few caves at Batu Caves, the most famous is The Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave. There are 272 steps leading up to The Temple Cave and admission is free.

Murugan statue
Feeding the pigeons
Here we go.....
Half way there.....
Finally we reached.....

We took about 10min to reach the entrance of Temple Caves. The 272 steps are not hard to conquer compared to my previous trip of climbing 1,272 steps in Krabi.

Entrance of the cave
Practising yoga here???
Inside the caves
I can see the sky
Few steps below the Temple cave is the Dark cave. Admission for adult is RM35 and we wanted to take a look at the entrance but the monkeys block our way, hence we didnt went in.

Dark cave
Monkeys blocking our way

On our way down
Inside the cab
We took the cab back to Putra Terminal and we were wondering why the taxi meter is at RM12 now. Initally when we reached Batu caves, we were discussing to give some tips to the taxi driver since he didnt took a long route to Batu caves. Then we guessed that the meter was not reset while waiting for us. When we reached Putra Terminal, the taxi fare is RM 20 and I gave the taxi driver RM20. At the same time, he gave me back RM8. Hence we decided to give him RM5 tips.
We board the LRT to KL Sentral and Diana couldnt exit the train as there were too many people exiting. Hence I waited for her at the platform before she alight at the next station and took LRT back. There are KTM, Aerocity Espress and LRT inside the KL Sentral building but the KL Sentral monorail is not located here. We asked the information counter for direction and need to walk to the end of the building and take an escalator down where the LCCT bus are. Turned left and continue walking to the sheltered walkway for about 5min before seeing the monorail station.

KL Sentral
Inside the monorail
I found that their LRT or monorails stations are not designed well. For instance, the monorail station at Bukit Bintang, need to cross an internal overhead bridge to the other platform. For some station, it is an underpass below the platform. But for others, you have to enter the platform correctly, otherwise you are unable to cross internally if you discovered that the trains at your platform is the wrong direction.
Bukit Bintang monorail station
Bukit Bintang is a shopping and entertainment district in KL. We walked along the street to settle our lunch first.

Bukit Bintang shopping area
We had our lunch inside a cafe which serves halal chinese food.

Assam laksa
Prawn noodle
After our lunch, we went to Bukit Bintang shopping centre but we do not fancy the things sold here. We went to Sungai Wang which is beside Bukit Bintang shopping centre and there is internal link between the 2 malls. I found that Sungai Wang is similar to our Far East Plaza.
We went to Berjaya Times Square after that as there are shops which we havent shopped yet. We bought a piece of Shilin XXL chicken. The chicken was not cut into pieces like Singapore. I do not find any difference at all.

Enjoying XXL chicken

I went for foot massage again. It's cheaper than yesterday RM30 for 1hr but the service is not good at all. Cheap doesnt mean good. We thought of going to Bangsar to chill out at night hence we decided to head back to the hotel to take a rest.
It was raining cats and dogs when we reached Pasar Seni LRT station. Hence we decided to buy food for our dinner on our way to the hotel and abandon our plan tonight.

Raining cats n dogs

I decided to try out the Hokkien mee at Kam Lin Kee (金莲記) which was recommended. The restaurant is lcoated at the corner of Jalan Petaling and Jalan Hang Lekir, opposite Hong Leong Bank.
The weather must be playing with us. When I was ordering my Hokkien mee, the rain stop. Ahhhh....

Where i bought my Hokkien mee
Hokkien mee

We decided not to go out anymore and had an early rest in the hotel.
Night view from the hotel
My shopping spree

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