Tuesday, 22 December 2009

KL trip - Prologue

I didnt know that my office would be closed during the Xmas week until mid Nov and the exact date of closure was not confirm until I came back from my exam during mid Dec, hence I didnt plan any overseas trip and somemore the airtix are very expensive by now.
I was in msn and chatting with Diana the day after my office closed and she mentioned about going for a short holiday. This is really crazy, we decided to head to KL tomorrow and we didnt done any research yet and accomodation was not booked. As Diana has been there before and she has no language barrier there, I was not sceptical about heading to KL so last minute.
I only thought of flying to KL and was checking the budget airlines website until Diana ask me whether I want to take a coach there. As the coach to KL is ~ 5hrs, if we took a plane to KL, the journey time is almost the comparable to taking a plane if includes the airport transfer and check in waiting time. We decided to head to Johor Larkin bus terminal to board a bus to KL as we pay in RM instead of S$ if we board in Singapore.
After deciding on the mode of transport, my next concern is the accomodation. I ask one of my frenz who is going to KL next week for the hotel name which he is going to stay. I google and found that The 5 Elements Hotel room is quite clean and nice. It is situated in Petaling Street (Chinatown), near the Puduraya Bus Terminal and is within walking distance from LRT station. The rate for a twin room is RM630 ~ S$262 for 3 nites. I booked the hotel as Diana was afraid that there are no more room since we are booking very last minute.
The next concern is the places to visit and how to nagivate around. I did some simple reseach by listing down those places to visit and printed a map of their LRT and monorails. Luckily I found a travel guide book of KL which I took in the previous NATAS travel fair. With these, it shouldn't be a problem to nagivate around in KL.
As the accomodation is paid online, I calculate that S$200 should be sufficient for the expenses as I currently have RM200 on hand. Diana helped me to change at Causeway Point and the rate is 2.4 which is relatively high.

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