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Fraser Hill trip – 7 Mar 10

We woke up at around 7plus and were greeted by the cool air and foggy surrounding. We saw few monkeys climbing around. They were really smart, climbing few storeys high and without getting injured.

So foggy
There is satellite dish but no cable channels?
Able to spot the monkeys?
We packed our bags and check out before heading for breakfast. There aren't much variety, cereals, noodles, porridge, rice and roti prata. I aimed for the roti prata but I had one slice only. The prata is a bit cold which makes it not so tasty.

Spread of food
Enjoying our breakfast at the alfrensco area
My breakfast

After our breakfast, we got into Joe's car and saw the following 2 visitors.

An alive butterfly
Dunno what is the name of this insect?

We reached the upper gate at 9.20am and waited for the 10am downhill traffic. We parked the car at the roadside and walked around.

Saw the red traffic light?

The Singapore zoo should come here to pluck bamboos when the pandas arrive


Are you brave enough to walk alone?

Me & sis

More flowers

The journey downhill tooks a shorter time. We reached the Gap in 13min. We switched off the aircon and wound down the window to enjoy the cool breeze.

On the way down to KKB, we passed by a waterfall which we didnt notice yesterday. I only spot it as I wondered why a car was parking by the roadside. This unknown waterfall is definitely much nicer than the Jeriau waterfall. The water is crystal clear compared to the murky Jeriau waterfall.

Waterfall with morning sunlight

Oops... I'm taller than the waterfall

Playing with water

We continued our journey and saw monkeys again. Yesterday, we even saw a rooster flying at least few metres high but didnt spotted one today.

Mother monkey carrying baby monkey

Yesterday we saw a van with few people resting and only a poor guy cutting grass. Today we saw only one guy cutting grass again. Hmmm... poor guy working and his colleague eating snake.

Grass cutter

In about an hour, we reached the rainbow bridge and saw a lot of cars parking at the side of the road. We guessed these people are here for trekking. While blogging, I discovered that there is a waterfall here which is known as Chiling waterfall. This waterfall requires trekking of an hour before reaching the waterfall.

So many cars

We passed by the Sungai Selangor Dam and we still couldn't see the spillway from the road. We saw a information centre and drove in. Although there is a gantry stating no access, one can drive in and park at the carpark. Finally, we saw the spillway but was disappointed that the water didnt flow into the spillway. This only occured during the wet season.

Sungai Selangor Dam

30m wide spillway

Driving centre

Aint the slope too gentle?

From KKB to Rawang, there is massive jam and the traffic is crawling. It took us 1.5hr to reach Rawang toll station. The same journey only took us an hr yesterday.

When are we reaching the expressway?

Traffic jam ahead

We reached the expressway at 12.30pm and we reached Malacca in 2hr.

My favourite road advertisement

Malacca town

Red shophouses

Tourist information centre

三叔公 Souvenir shop

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Malaysia parking coupon

Jonker street
Geographer cafe is filiming scene in 夏日嬷嬷茶

Joe recommended Pernakan food but the restaurant is closed for lunch by 3pm so we had chicken rice ball for lunch. We went to the outlet at Jalan Hang Kasturi, corner of Jln Hang Kasturi and Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk). There are other branches but Joe commented that the quality is not good as this outlet. It's already 3pm so we didnt ordered much as we wanted to reserve our stomach for dinner. We ordered 1/4 roasted chicken, a small plate of roasted pork, one plate of bean sprout, 9 riceball, 1 plate of rice and 3 drinks which cost us RM36.70 ~ S$15.30. I found the chicken rice ball so so, nothing to rave about. The chicken doesnt taste better than our Hainanese chicken rice. A visit is enough.
Restoran Famosa chicken rice ball
Famous visitors
Interior of the restaurant
Our lunch
After our lunch, we walked around but the heat is turning us off. We went into the souvenir shop 三叔公 to escape from the burning sun. We didnt bought any souvenir as I dont fancy any of them.
Traditional clogs
A nostalgia for childhood days
Wine vase
Colourful cartoon models
Joe suggested going for massage since we have about 3hr to spare.
Meleka river with Taming Sari Revolving Tower, Maritime Museum and Eye on Malaysia
in the background
Who bite the apple?
海山街 is full of pubs
Open for 2hrs a day from 10am -12pm????
There are only 2 foot reflexology shops at 海山街 but there was nobody in the first shop so we went to HY Foot reflexology. We took the package comprising 40min foot massage and 20min back massage which cost RM52 ~ S$22. My masseur is a Chinese woman who came from Anhui. My cousin Huiping is a bit scared as this is her first massage session. I asked her to divert her attention by reading her book and she seemed alright after that.
HY Foot reflexology
Inside the shop
After the massage, there is still some time to spare and we went to Maritime Museum.
Christ Church
Shops selling souvenirs
Maritime Museum is a replica of the 'Flora de La Mar', a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of Melaka while on its way to Portugal The admission fee is RM3 for adults.
I'm so minute compare to the ship
Malaysian Navy Museum
A plastic bag was given to each of us as shoes have to be take off before entering one of the museum room.
Must follow the instruction
Bare footed
Ancient world map
A model of an old ship
I'm one of coolies
Paintings of ships
World currencies
Old Singapore $50 note
Canon balls
I'm firing two canons
Souvenirs for sale
RM20 admission fees for foreigners
We are at the top of the ship
Huge anchor
Taking a shot with the Malaysia eye at the background
Dirty Melaka river
A warship?
Hotel Equatorial Melaka
Church of St Francis Xavier which was built in 1849Is 永春拳 taught here?
A Baba house
Colourful trishaw
A house being sealed?
We are the 2nd customer for dinner. The restaurant is open for dinner at 6pm. I'm not sure on the lunch time.
Restoran Peranakan
The furnitures in the restaurant are so antique. No photgraph is allowed beyond the dining area.
Interior of the restaurant
The restaurant is 2 storey and my sis went up to take photographs. I didnt bother to go up as Joe said that it's a bit spooky up there.

Feeling spooky?
Joe ordered small portion salted vegetable duck soup, tengiri asam, sambal sotong, kangkong belachan and ayam rendang. The dinner cost RM75.18 ~ S$31. The dinner is really very nice, I like the ayam rendang most.
Our scumptous Peranakan dinner
We finished our dinner at 7pm and left Malacca. We reached Ayer keroh toll station at 7.30pm and head straight back to Singapore.
Cute cow
UMNO building

Jusco department store

We reached JB at around 9.30pm and Joe drove his car for a wash. The car wash is so cheap RM8 ~ S$3 and pump petrol. We reached Singapore at around 10.10pm and the jam at the Singapore custom is not very long. Reached home at around 10.20pm.


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