Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fraser Hill trip - Useful links

Infomation on Fraser Hill

Map of Fraser Hill:

Direction to Fraser Hill:

1) From JB or 2nd link, take the North-South Highway towards Malacca/Kulua Lumpur.

2) At Nilai exit, turn left into E6 and not E2 (this expressway head into KL city). Follow the directional signs for Ipoh.

3) At Shah Alam exit, turn right into E1 and continue the journey.

4) Look out for Rawang Exit No. 116.

5) After exiting Rawang toll station, turn right into Route B27.

6) After crossing a bridge with the railway track below, turn left into Route 1 and keep right.

7) Look out the "Graffiti signboard" (located at left side of the road) and turn right.

8) After 40 min, look out for a signboard indicating a right turn into Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB). (Route 55)

9) After reaching KKB, look out for a signboard before the traffic light junction which indicate turn right into Fraser Hill. Turn right at the traffic light junction towards the Sungai Selangor Dam (Route 55).

10) Pass by the Selangor Dam on your left and follow the windy road all the way to the Gap Gate.

11) Park your car in line at the gate entry to wait for the uphill journey starting on odd hours.

Although we reached Fraser Hill in about 6hr, the journey generally takes about 6-7hr. The distance is about 450+km from Singapore to Fraser Hill. There is no petrol station in Fraser Hill so remember to fill your tank before going uphill. Kuala Kubu Town is last destination that you need to fill up the car fuel tank before heading up to Fraser Hill.

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