Monday, 19 July 2010

Kota Kinabalu trip – Epilogue

I normally dislike going overseas with a big group of friends as it is hard to coordinate if everyone have different opinions. I'm glad that this trip went smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves during the trip. Before we went for the trip, there is a little hiccup as Fredrick couldnt make it hence I have to rearrange our sleeping arrangement. In the end, I shared a room with Chew Hiang while YQ shared with Luxiang. Thks dear for being so accomodating.

Other than the incident when checking in and the smell in the room, overall the stay at Lavender Lodge was pleasant. The owner Jenny and staff are friendly and smiled to us everytime.

The seafood here is cheap but we only had one seafood meal since there are other food to try out. We ate all the recommended food except Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen. Well, shall include this when I visit KK again in the future.

I was a bit sceptical in liasing with Eileen initally as her travel agency was not listed on Sabah Tourism Board website. YQ and I tried to email and called Sabah Tourism Board to check if this tour agency genuine exist and realiable but they never replied. =( Although Eileen emailed me a copy of the booking form, I remained sceptical as I'm worried what if she didnt turn up on the 3rd day after collecting the payment from us on the 1st day. I was a bit worried when I didnt saw Eileen at the lobby at the agreed time on the 3rd day but my worried was put to ease when she turn up few minutes later. I would highly recommend Kota Sarang Travel Tours after experiencing her service, Eileen's email reponse is fast and she even burns the photos which were took using her camera into a CD and passed to us.

The river rafting was the most adventurous part of the trip. Although it was a whole day activity, the river rafting is only 2 hours, the rest is travelling time. It is also my first time peeing in the public. +_+" Riding the train to Pangi is indeed an experience itself as the train is the only rail transport operating in Borneo. As the train runs through Padas river, I could admire the gushing rapids along the way which is incredibly scenic. The river rafting was very exciting, definitely not suitable for the faint-hearted. If our raft was not stuck on the rock, I guess I wldn't fall into the river. =p

I will definitely be back again for another adventure i.e. to climb Mount Kinabalu.

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CHRIS said...

Wonderful commentary on KK. Read all of it. Very informative.