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Kuching trip – 8 Aug 10

We left the hotel at 7am and walked to Jalan Carpenter for breakfast. Alamak, when we reached Ming Heng Cafe (Next to Wah Tat Bank), it's not open.
It's only 6.30am in the morning

In the end, we had kway chap which cost RM4 each at a coffeeshop nearby since there is not much choice in this area.
 More suitable for ladies than men right?
Coffeeshop where we had our breakfast
Kway Chap

Our driver arrived at 8am and we head to our first destination of the day - Serikin market. Actually, the driver asked us about today's itinerary yesterday and he suggested Serikin market and a bird nest processing shop.
On the way to Serikin market

Serikin is located about 20 km from Bau town or about 45 km from Kuching city. It took us about an hour to reach Serikin. What's so special about this small village? On weekends, sellers from Indonesia are allowed to enter Sarawak to sell their goods here and is tax free. The market comprise of 2 long row of stalls parallel to each other along the road. We spent about 2hrs here before leaving for Fairy cave.
Serikin market
Colourful cookies from cookies mould
This doll should be almost the same height as me!
Vegetables in different shapes
Bags in T-shirt shape
Clocks designed with seashells
So many hats
Rice grinder
I guess this is an ornament rather than a fish tank

We left Serikin market and reached Fairy cave in about half an hour. There are 2 caves near Bau, one is Fairy cave and the other one is Wind cave. 
Fairy cave
4 storeys of stairs
Padi field opposite the Fairy cave

Back in the day before the above concrete stairs structure were built, the only way up was this steep and narrow staircase which was very dangerous.
Old unused staircase
Entrance to Fairy cave

From the entrance, there is another 2 flight of stairs to climb before reaching the chamber of Fairy Cave. This area is where one need a torchlight as it is really very dim. Anyway, we came prepared as I have done my research. =p
Another steep flight of steps to climb
Mouth of the cave
Able to spot Xinyi? This show how huge the cave is
Water dripping from the ceiling of the cave

There is a stalactite that resembles the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and there are incenses offered to the stalacite. It's probably due to this stalacite and that's how the name of this cave is derived.
 I wondered who carved this fairy?
My parents resting while we continue our way up
Platform at the mouth of Fairy cave 
Does this resemble Merlion?

We spent about an hours exploring Fairy cave before we left for our lunch. The driver drove us to a place nearby where we had our lunch. I had Kolo mee RM3 while some of them had Ayam Penyet RM6 for lunch. The ingredients in the Kolo mee was pathetic and Ayam Penyet does not taste nice at all. The chendol is also not nice. =(
The place where we had our lunch
Kolo mee
Ayam Penyet

We reached Wind cave at around 1pm and paid for the admission. Wind cave is open from 8.30am - 4.30pm. Admission is RM3 for adults. Somehow we managed to pay only RM2 each since we came in a group.
Walking towards wind cavve
Beware of the yellow uneven platform

There are 3 trails and all leads to Wind cave. We took Trail 1 since it's longer and we are able to see more things. It's pitch dark inside the cave and torchlight is a must!
Map of the trails
Admission ticket booth
Really for the adventure?
So many bats
Water dripping inside the cave

The exit leading to a small beach adjacent to the Sarawak River was closed, probably due to falling stones from the cave.
The stream inside Wind cave eventually flows into Sungai Sarawak
This area is out of bound
Bat's dropping
A ded bat which has been crystallised by the water dripping inside the cave
A luminated entrance

It is more relaxing inside Wind cave compared to the steep steps inside Fairy cave. My mom didnt climb up the steps to explore Fairy cave as she was too tired after climbing the two flight of steep steps at the entrance. Hence for those travelling with elderly, it may not be suitable to visit Fairy cave.

After spending an hour inside Wind cave, we went back to Kuching. On our way back, the driver stopped at a pottery shop where we spent less than 10min inside.
So many pottery
Water dispenser
Area where the pottery is made

Then the driver stopped at the souvenir shop. This is the "bird nest processing" shop which the driver mentioned yesterday but there is no bird nest processing here. We bought some cookies such as Bee Pang which is famous in Kuching.
Pepper in cat containers
Shark fins
Bird nest

We asked the driver to stop at Kuching Civic Centre since we still have ample of time. Kuching Civic Centre is  located at Jalan Taman Budaya and is the best place to get a 360° aerial view of Kuching City. The driver told us that the Civic Centre is currently closed and undergoing renovation. He also told us that quite a number of people committed suicide here, a bit spooky right? Well, I guess people comitted suicide here as there is a lack of tall building in Kuching and if you look carefully, the viewing platform is not enclosed.
Kuching Civic Centre

As we intend to have dinner at Jalan Song and it's only 4pm, we went to The Spring which is located at Jln Simpang Tiga. It is currently Kuching’s biggest shopping mall and about 10 minutes by taxi from the Kuching city.
The Spring Shopping Centre
Finally, I saw a kucing in Kuching

The shops here are similar to those in Singapore, such as Body Shop, G2000 etc. I only bought 3 spagetti shirts for RM45 which I considered quite cheap.
Inside the shopping mall

As we were quite tired after walking so much for today, we didnt shop much and instead had tea break at Secret Receipe. I ordered Mango cake RM6.50 which is quite delicious while my sis ordered Hi-fiber cheesecake RM7. The cakes comes with complimentary tea or coffee.
Secret receipe
Tea time special
Our tea break

At 6pm, we went for dinner at Jalan Song where there are a wide choice of hawker food. I wouldn't recommend this place even though there is a wide variety as the food doesnt taste nice at all. =(
Jalan Song
Row of stalls
三酸水 literally translate is Three sour drink (Inside the drink are lemon, lime and plum)
Cockles and stingray
Braised pork rice
Mutton, chicken and pork satays

We told the driver to fetch us one hour later but we finished out dinner within half an hour. Hence we walked to a newly open shopping centre to enjoy the aircon.
An empty shopping mall
A cool desert shop

Xinyi wanted to have ramly burger as we wasnt full at all. To our surprise, there is no ramly burger here after we asked the driver. In the end, we bought some snacks from a cafe near Tune Hotel.

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