Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Kuching trip – Epilogue

In my opinion, Kuching is quite a tourist friendly destination. There are maps on the roadside for reference and pavement along the roads.

The disappointment is the food. 3 of the places which we wanted to have our meals were closed. The Sarawak laksa doesnt taste nice and it's spicy. The kolo mee is better than the one I ate in Singapore. Just that there isnt much ingredients, only few slices of char siew. Penang fare better in terms of food.

I was quite disappointed with Tune Hotel Kuching. There are stains in the shower area and there are even smell in my parent's bathroom. Tune Hotel Penang is much cleaner. The fan couldnt really cool the room too even though the weather here and Penang is similar. In the future, I shall buy aircon credit if I'm staying for a longer period at Tune Hotel.

If given a choice, I would prefer Jetstar to Tiger unless the destination is only served by Tiger. As seen from the on-time performance indicator from their website, Jetstar achieve at least 90% compared to Tiger which achieve ~70% most of the time. I seldom encounter delay when taking Jetstar but I encountered it almost everytime when I fly with Tiger. Moreover, even though Tiger website always advertise that their airfare is 9 cents + taxes, if you compare to Jetstar airfare when it's having promotion, Jetstar is definitely cheaper.

I would like to visit Kuching again since I didnt get to visit Bako National Park and Anah Rais Long house this time round. Thanks to the budget airlines, I'm able to visit Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching this year with such cheap airfare. Hopefully the budget airlines will serve more destinations, the more the merrier.

Last of all, I wanna thanks YQ for being so accomodating cos I seems to abandon him in Singapore during public holiday and went aboard. Last year Xmas, this year National Day and next year Chinese New Year....

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