Friday, 15 October 2010

Osaka-Nara-Kyoto-Kobe-Okayama-Hiroshima trip – 15 Oct 10

Today is our last day In Japan and we decided to have try the breakfast at the eatery which the hotel ties up with. We purchased the breakfast coupon which cost ¥500 ~ $8 from the hotel reception. The eatery is within walking distance which is further down the same street.
Staircase to the restaurant below
Breakfast voucher
I like the bottles displayed at the counter

The breakfast set consist of a main dish, rice/ porridge/ bread, a side dish and miso soup/ salad or omlette. I chose grilled salmon from a choice of 5 main dish.
 Scrumptious breakfast

After breakfast, I went to the nearby convenience store to buy 1kg of Japanese rice back to Singapore as Japan normally don't sell their rice aboard.
Aint the scarf a unique way for the teachers to recognise their students?

We checked out and board JR train to Tennoji before change a train to Kansai airport. I didn't took Nankai train from Shinimamiya as I can utilised my Sanyo pass.
The carriage number is indicated on the raiway track
 Inside the Airport express train

We reached Kansai airport at around 11am even though our flight departs at 5pm. We explored the airport first and also shopped around for souvenirs.
Departure hall
I like these planes which moves whenever there is wind
View from the arrival hall
 Control tower
This signage is so cute
Toys and cultural items on display 
Paid Internet access
Paid hp charging station
Colourful coke advertisement
Are the chocolate really from these countries?

We ate at a small eatery and I ordered cha soba. It doesnt taste nice at all. =(

Tempura soba
It's so environmental friendly here
Souvenirs shops

How can I miss out buying Royce chocolate in Japan? I regretted that I only bought 3 boxes as all are consumed within a week. =( It's cheaper in Japan as it cost ¥693 ~ S$11 per box here. I would recommend buying the souvenir after clearing the custom as it's duty free. I didnt knew it and I purchased at the departure hall which is more expensive.
 Royce chocolates
Curve TV screen
Transit area
It's free internet here
Train to the departure gate
Departure gate waiting area

It's so high tech in Japan and even the passport chop is a computer print out sticker.
 Electronic chop on my passport
Lovely sunset
Beef stew for dinner

Finally after 8hrs of flight, we reached Singapore and my Japan trip has come to an end.

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