Friday, 24 December 2010

Bangkok trip – 24 Dec 10

Although our flight is 7.20pm, we reached the airport at around 5pm and proceed to check in. I make use of the complimentary visit of my priority pass and had our dinner at the airport lounge. There is a choice of Skyview Lounge or Rainforest by SATS. I choose Skyview Lounge as forumers reviewed that the lounge has a nicer view compared to Rainforest Lounge.
Skyview Lounge
Overlooking the plane on the tarmac
Skyview Lounge

I was disappointed as the food variety is limited - smoked chicken sandwich, egg mayo & smoke turkey ham sandwich, fried rice, beef meatball, cup noodles, char siew bao, softdrinks, wines etc.
Food spread
Our dinner

The plane departed at 7.20pm and the flight is full. It was quite noisy inside the plane as there are few kids sitting near us. There was nobody sitting beside us so we are able to occupy the 3 seats. After 2hrs, we reached Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.
Bye Bye Singapore
Welcome to Bangkok

Initially I thought that we have to walk down the plane stairs but luckily we alight using the aerobridge.
Replenishing food for the return flight

Clearing the immigration was a breeze. It's the collection of luggage that took us almost half an hour. After collecting our luggage, we walked to level 1 to wait for taxi.
Mode of public transport from Suvarnabhumi airport

The ride to the hotel took less than an hour as the driver is driving at 120km/h. We passed by 2 tolls and have to pay THB70 ~ S$3. YQ notice that fare meter is jumping very fast and he suspect the meter is rigged. When we reached the hotel, the fare was THB500 and airport surcharge of THB50. It's expensive!

We checked in and rest for the day. We decided not to head for supper which we planned earlier.
 Our room

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