Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bali trip – 24 Jul 11

We woke up at 3.30am to catch our 6.20am flight back to Singapore. We check out from the hotel at 4am and surprisingly, the lane outside the hotel is jammed. We have asked the receptionist to book a cab yesterday but in the end, we just board an empty cab as it's pointless to wait for our cab when we didnt even know when it'll arrive. We were stuck in the jam for almost 15min before the cab reach a lane which is a shortcut to escape from the heavy traffic. It's terrible, traffic jam so early at dawn due to those night clubbing people.

Anyway we reach the airport within half an hour and there was long queue for counter check in. I decided to check in using the Air Asia kiosk and then check in our luggage. This queue was short and it save us a lot of our time. Then when we reached the immigration counters, it's long queue again. Finally after clearing the immigration, we have to walk quite a distance to the gate.

The sun has not risen
Ngurah Rai International Airport control tower

I have pre-order meals when booking the airtix. This is cheaper than purchasing on the flight.
Classique Hotdog
Smoked Chicken Focaccia

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