Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bali trip – Prologue

I intend to travel to Bali in Apr this year and I had booked my airtix way back in Jul last year. But I'm getting married and I didnt forsee this when I planned my Bali trip last year. Since I'm getting married, I decided to travel to Bali for my wedding photoshoot as I find Singapore's scenery boring.

After some consideration, I decided to cancel the Bali trip in Apr and travel in Jul instead. I only wasted about $110 for cancelling both the airtix and accommodation (I have prepaid both). For the airtix, Air Asia allows refund of airport tax after departure date. I tried to email twice to and didnt get any reply for 2 months. =( Hence I tried to send e-form at AskAirAsia and immediately I got a email reply acknowledgement. I got back the airport tax refund a month later. Then for the Tune Hotel accommodation, there is a cancellation fee of IDR8,500 plus tax. The balance is credited into a shell credit which has to be utilised within 6 months. As one of my friend is booking Tune hotel Kuta, I got her to utilised the shell credit for me. For the Tegal Sari accommodation, the amount was credited back into my credit card with few bucks deducted for credit card charges.

I was waiting for airtix promotion as normal return fares to Bali cost ~ S$200. Finally, my wish was answered. Air Asia introduced an additional flight to Bali daily and only this additional flight timing is under promotion. The return timing is not good as it depart from Bali at 6.20am. But what to do as the promotion airtix cost only ~ S$100.

For accommodation, I have some difficulties as Jul is the peak period in Bali. I wanted to book Tegal Sari but was full. In the end, I booked Tanaya bed & breakfast which cost US$55 a night for deluxe room. For the last night, I had to book a superior room US$52 as the deluxe room is full.

The driver which we engaged is someone whom the photographer engaged when he went to Bali for photoshoot. As I don't know the name of some of the scenery, I have no choice but to engage this driver. His rate is IDR500,000 ~ S$72 per day.

This trip is mainly for wedding photoshoot and I didnt plan any itinerary at all.

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