Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Langkawi trip – Epilogue

As Sep is still the raining season, I was keeping my finger crossed and checking the weather forcast before we went to Langkawi. Luckily, it only rain on the 3rd day of our stay and did not dampered our plans. There are hits and misses of the attractions which we went to.

The hits are the 2 waterfalls which we went. Normally, the waterfall aint as beautiful as there isnt much water cascading down. The misses are not able to visit the hanging bridge (I paid RM30 for the cable car ride @#*&%), boring Galeria Perdana Museum, not able to watch sunset, boring island hopping tour.

This is my first self drive trip and I enjoyed the freedom of such trip. The roads are easy to drive in Langkawi, parking is free and petrol is cheap. However self drives tour are quite limited in ASEAN. =( The stay at Bon Ton is really pampering as I seldom splurge on accommodation.

It's a pity that we have to check out so early the next morning to catch our flight. I love the outdoor wooden bathtub!!! If I can have a dream house, I definitely want a outdoor bathtub. =p

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