Sunday, 6 November 2011

Seoul trip – Epilogue

Korea is definitely a more wallet friendly destination compared to Japan! Accommodation, transportation and meals are much cheaper here.

I simply love autumn! The cool breeze and changing colour of the maples leaves make me happy throughout the trip. It's ideal for travelling as one would not perspire outdoor unlike Singapore. How I wish that there is autumn in Singapore!

The food in Korea is awesome! There are always at least 2 - 3 side dishes served during the meal. Even though Korean food are spicy, it's still managable for me and suits my taste bud. =p

The cosmetic in Korea is cheap! A piece of mask only cost ₩1,000 ~ S$1.10. I just couldn't resist buying lots of mask back to Singapore. There are lots of cosmetic shops at every street of Myeongdong and free masks are given to entice customer to patronise the shops.

However the clothes in Korea are not as cheap as those in Bangkok. Moreover when we were in Korea, most are autumn and winter clothes. I still prefer shopping in Bangkok.

Hopefully the new budget long haul airline Scoot will fly to Korea in the future so that I wldnt need to transit in KL and save travelling time.


Anonymous said...

any blog updates on your seoul trip for day 3 onwards? also planning a DIY trip in october and found your blog very informative. hope you can update before i go

Jerlin Tan said...


Thks for visiting my blog and glad that the info are useful. I have been very lethargic to blog especially long trips but I should complete the seoul trip before your trip in Oct. =)