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Bali trip – 14 Jul 12

The flight from Singapore to Bali Denpasar airport took approximately 3hrs. Although Valuair is part of the Jetstar group, complimentary bread and water are served on Valuair flight.
Complimentary bread and water

When I took Air Asia during my previous visit to Bali, the plane stopped at the tarmac and we have to take an airport shuttle to the terminal. The Jetstar plane stopped directly at the aerobridge.
Jetstar plane parking at the aerobridge

By the time we cleared the immigration, it's almost 2plus and we are famished. We asked our driver to head to Ayam Tulang Lunak Maliboro (Add: Jalan Kediri No 50I – J, Tuban, Kuta, Opening hours: 10am – 9.45pm) which is within 15min from the airport.

I have dined here before in my previous Bali visit. This restaurant is famous for the crispy fried chicken where the bone can be chewed too. We ordered Ayam Presto Madu Wijen, Ayam presto telur asin (egg yolk), Tahu telur, Sambal Teri Pete and drinks. The bill came up to IDR 380,650 ~ S$51.40. 
Lunch @ Ayam Tulang Lunak Maliboro

After having a fulling lunch, we continue the journey to Nusa Dua beach which is an hour ride away. The road journey from one place to another place is quite long in Bali as there is no expressway here and there is usually traffic jam on the road due to single lane road.
Bus stop

Nusa Dua is home to luxury resorts in Bali and there is security check before entering this area. We spent a while cam-whoring before continuing to Uluwatu Pura Luhur.
Nusa Dua beach

From Nusa Dua, it tooks another one hour to Pura Luhur Uluwatu. We reached here around 5.30pm which is in time to catch the sunrise. The admission here is IDR20,000 ~ S$2.70 and rental of sarong is free for those not wearing dress or shorts below the knee.

There are 2 places in Bali to catch the best sunset - Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Tanah Lot. It's a pity that the clouds are covering the sunset when we were at Uluwatu, hence we couldn't catch the awesome sunset.
Pura Luhur Uluwatu

There is Kacak dance at Uluwatu in the evening and ticket cost IDR70,000 ~ S$10. I have read online that it's not worth spending the money hence we didnt watch the dance.
Many people watching the Kacak dance

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the 9 directional temples meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. Some of the temples in Bali does not allow access to tourist and Pura Luhur Uluwatu is no exception.
No entry to Pura Luhur Uluwatu

From the temple, we walked along the path to the other end of Uluwatu. Most of the visitors do not walked so far to this place. If I havent been here before for my wedding photoshoot, I may hesitate to explore here. There are no railings here so beware if walking towards the edge of the cliff.
It's dangerous here!

We head to Jimbaran beach for dinner. There are many restaurants along Jimbaran beach and we specifically told our driver we wanted to dine at Lia's Cafe (Add: Jalan Pemelisan Agung, Contact: 081 2390 7411). However our driver dropped us at another restaurant. We looked at the menu and the price is exorbitant. We feel that our driver is not very honest as we already told him that we wanted to dine at Lia's Cafe. Eventually he dropped us there.

There is a stretch of seafood restaurant where Lia's Cafe is located and Lia's Cafe is the one with blue table cloth. We first sat at the table on the beach but it started to rain and we have no choice but to move indoor. It's quite romantic to be dining on the beach.

We ordered Set A & C which cost IDR550,000 ~ S$74 for 4 pax. Set A includes 7pcs of prawn, 1/2kg fish, 6pcs of clam, 1/2kg of squids while set B includes 0.6kg of lobster, 1/2kg of crab, 8pcs of prawn and 8pcs of clam. Soup, rice and deserts are served for all the sets. The BBQ food is only mediocre but the ambiance of dining of the beach makes it worth coming here at least once for dinner. The bill came up to IDR660,000 and discovered that the restaurant over-charged us. We even pointed to them the price in the menu totals IDR550,000 and the waiter told us that it's the old menu. Well too bad that they shown us the old menu and we paid exactly IDR550,000.
Drinks & Appetizers
Seafood set A & C
Dinner @ Jimbaran beach
Savouring yummy BBQ corn

Our last place for the day is the Rock Bar. It is a bar at the cliff of Ayana Resort and it offer awesome view during sunset. We have to take a tram from the resort down to the bar.
Tram to the Rock Bar

The drink menu is written on a cylinder which can glows in the dark. We ordered a drink each and the drink here is not cheap, around $20 per glass. There is a wedding in the resort and we are lucky to catch the fireworks here.
Drink menu
Rock Bar

After chilling out at Rock Bar, we explored Ayana Resort. The resort is huge and it is takes a bit of walking from the hotel lobby to the Rock Bar's tram.
Don't play with fire
Ayana resort
A couch for the king

The journey from Ayana Resort to Green Field Bali took 1.5hr and we reached there at about 12am. All of us were feeling very tired and the receptionist quickly handled our check in.

The room is big especially the bathroom which comes with a bathtub that can accommodate 2 people. However the furniture looks tired in the room.
Our room at Green Field Bali

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