Monday, 15 October 2012

Jakarta trip – Epilogue

This is my first visit to Jakarta and will be my last visit too. Compared to other ASEAN capital such as KL and Bangkok which I have traveled to, these places have much more attractions than Jakarta and it's insufficient to cover these cities during a weekend trip. I didn't do much research on shopping and we ended up feeling so bored after visiting those attractions.

Initially, hubby was worried due to the terrisom anniversary in Bali but I reminded him that it took place in Bali not Jakarta. His impression of Jakarta was painted as a backward city but it changes when we passed by those high rise buildings from the airport to the hotel. He was quite impressed that Jakarta is a modern city. I don't understand why he has such impression about Jakarta. ><" It's not as if we are visiting those small villages that are inaccessible. 

The weather in Jakarta is scorching hot. I prefer traveling to places which are not so hot. Is it because I'm working inside air con room for most of the time that I have limited tolerance of heat? 

There is no MRT in Jakarta hence cab is the most convenient way to get around. Cabs are abundant from daytime to night time and the taxi fare is cheap, costing less than S$5 within the city area. 

There are not much local food recommended in Tripadvisor. I found that the food in Indonesia are either very sweet or salty.

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Unknown said...

i know its kinda long ago, however i gratefully thank you for visiting our capital, there are bus system where you can travel... and much much more from glittering malls and cheap fabriques to the best nightlife