Monday, 4 March 2013

Labuan & Brunei trip – Epilogue

This is my first time missing a flight connection. As a result, I have to fork out additional $111 and it adds up to almost a full fledged flight from Singapore to Brunei. I have taken many Air Asia flights and so far, I have pleasant experience with them but this time round, it screwed up my connecting flight. The part which makes me more angry is that I cant claim insurance for the missed flight connection as it's not more than 6 hours. #$%& Hence I'll try to minimise taking connecting flight from KL unless I book their fly-thru flight.

There are not many attractions in Labuan hence it is not as advisable to spend more than a day here unless the main purpose is diving. I did thought of spending a weekend in Labuan but since it's doable with Brunei, I have set my footprints in 2 destinations. =p 

In my opinion, BSB (Bandar seri Bengawan) looks more like a town than a capital. When taking the bus from Muara to BSB, I saw lots of undeveloped land in Brunei. This is a spark contrast to the concrete jungle in Singapore. To my surprise, most Bruneians know how to speak conversational English hence there is no language barrier. Although the most attractions in BSB are within walking distance but the weather in Brunei is hot and make it uncomfortable. The public bus is cheap but the uncertain timing resulted in long waiting time hence allows some time buffer when taking the public bus.

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