Saturday, 2 November 2013

London, Paris and Switzerland trip – Epilogue

This trip is by far the longest trip which I have went. It's a wise choice that we went in autumn and we could avoid the summer crowds but the weather gets gloomy most of the days. I heard stories from my friend who went during the summer period that the queues at some of the attractions can get up to 2 hours long. 

Among the 3 countries which we went, we prefer Switzerland and dislike Paris. Those who went to these cities before will have the same opinion as us. Although Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world but it's not a tourist friendly city. We used to have the perception that European countries are very advance but I nearly drop my jaw when I saw the manual opening of Paris metro door. There are many Africans in Paris and hubby don't feel so safe there. We saw locals not paying for metro ride by jumping over the ticket gates or some locals squeeze to get through with one ticket. Moreover we feel that we are discriminated in Paris while ordering food in restaurant. I noticed that we were served later than other tables even though we ordered earlier. I guess the only good point of Paris is that the food here are definitely tastier than London and Switzerland and we enjoyed most of the meal in Paris.

Switzerland a lovely country with beautiful scenery and friendly Swiss. Although their main language varies from German, French or Italian, most of the Swiss can converse fluently in English. I love getting around in Switzerland by trains as they are punctual and efficient. I'm really impressed with the Swiss's for their high integrity. There are no ticket gantries in the train station and one can board the train easily. I'm amazed that I haven't seen anybody get caught by the train conductor for not buying tickets.

If I get to visit Europe again, I will choose Spring for a different experience. The climate is milder than winter and yet I can avoid the summer crowd. Hubby commented that we can return to Europe if there is such low fare in the future but I told him that it is impossible to get $700 airticket anymore. Hopefully there is cheap airfare and I can return to Europe.

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