Friday, 20 December 2013

Golden Palm Resort trip – Prologue

All along I wish to travel to Malaysia for road trips since there are quite a few places that are doable over the weekend but hubby wasn't keen as he always comment that it is dangerous. So the poor me is quarantined in Singapore over the weekend. =(

When Tiger Airways launch flight to Maldives, I was very tempted to travel as the return fare is as low as $250. However the resorts in Maldives are too expensive hence I gave up the idea. I was casually chatting with my colleague and she introduced me to Golden Palm Resort. Well, it's also villas on the stilt so it can be considered as a consolation prize right? I saw a Family villa school break promotion for RM836 ~ S$327 (normal rate is RM963 ~ S$377) which includes one night stay at Canary Palm Villa and breakfast for 4 pax. The villa comes with a queen sized bed, a twin bed and a roomy living area.

Well, I managed to persuade hubby to drive there and we have to find 2 more people to share the cost. Hubby also feel more secured with 4 people travelling on the road trip rather than 2 of us only. The other 2 companions we found are hubby's friend Samuel and my friend Luxiang.

I did a google map search on the direction and it will take us about 3.5hour from Johor Bahru custom. Hubby has estimated that he will have to pump 2 full tanks of petrol as 1 tank can clock 300km. I have checked from Plus Malaysia that the toll fee from Johor Bahru causeway to Seramban exit is RM37 ~ S$14. Hence the accommodation, petrol and toll fee is around S$125 per pax.

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