Friday, 24 January 2014

Hong Kong trip – Prologue

I was so tempted when I saw Scoot having zero airfare promotion for travelling in Jan. The first destination which Scoot released is Hong Kong and return airfare without check in baggage is S$77 including taxes and credit card charges. For this Scoot promotion, the offline payment mode at Singpost is not applicable hence the credit card charge of S$9 each way is unavoidable. Hong Kong is doable over the weekend. I know it's crazy to spend one day in Hong Kong but Scoot timing is not favorable hence the best option without taking annual leave is to depart on Sat midnight and return on Sun early morning. I managed to convince hubby that spending $77 for the airfare is similar to a weekend getaway to KL and he agrees! =D This trip will be purely a makan and shopping trip as I have visited most of the attractions in Hong Kong.

Initially I planned to take Airport Express from airport to city but realised that it's much more expensive than taking Airport bus and furthermore there is 50% off for the return journey on the same day. Most of the areas where tourist are staying are quite well covered by the airport bus. I will be buying the Octopus card which can be used on the bus and MTR. An Octopus card cost HK$150 with HK$100 value and HK$50 deposit. The Octopus card is refundable and there is a charge of HK$9 if refund within 3 months of purchase.

As I will be returning to the airport at night to catch the early flight the next day, I did not booked accommodation in HK.

Budget for this trip is S$225:
- S$25 for transport
- S$50 for meals
- S$150 for shopping

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