Sunday, 23 February 2014

Taiwan trip – 23 Feb 14

Breakfast is available at the basement floor from 7am - 10am. The breakfast served is a typical Taiwanese breakfast which includes porridge, pork floss, pickles, sunny side up, soy milk etc. There are also bread and buns too. 

I have planned to visit Singuang Ferry Wharf 新光碼頭 and we walked quite a distance from Sanduo MRT station. But when we reached there, the whole area is under scaffolding so we left with disappointment.
 Kawaii fish
Tuntex Sky Tower

We then took MRT to Central Park where Yujhu Shopping District 原宿玉竹商圈 &Sinjyuejiang Shopping District 新崛江商圈 are located. This area is known as the Ximending of Kaoshiung. Many shops are not yet open when we reached there at noon.
Yujhu Shopping District & Sinjyuejiang Shopping District 

We walked around searching for a place to have lunch and ended up at this steamboat restaurant as hubby feel like eating steamboat. We ordered 2 pots of soup which comes with ingredients such as tofu, crabstick, vegetable, meat ball, pork shabu, oyster mushroom etc and we also ordered extra pork shabu, prawn ball and enoki mushroom. It's relatively cheap as this meal cost us NT380 ~ S$16 for 2 pax.
Steamboat cafe

We continued to shop after our lunch before returning back to the hotel to rest. The shopping area is not very big and can be completed in 2 - 3 hrs.

We went out again at night to Rueifong night market (Direction: Kaohsiung Arena Exit 1 and close on Mon & Wed). This night market caters more to the local as we did not see any tour group at all unlike the Liuho night market). There are many food stalls and some of the stalls have their own seats where diners can have their meals there. There are also game stalls which are located further inwards. 

We ate a variety of food such as 番薯椪, 炸虾, 烤鸭夹饼, 葱抓饼, 香酥鸡 & 酥炸大鱿鱼 and I would highly recommend the 葱抓饼 & 酥炸大鱿鱼. At least the food here are much better than the one at Liuho night market.
Rueifong night market 瑞豐夜市

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