Monday, 3 March 2014

Taiwan trip – Epilogue

Taiwan is one of those countries that I love to return even after I have visited the island 3 times! I believe most Singaporeans will have the same thinking as me. I have visited the southern and central parts of Taiwan this time so I hope to visit the eastern part such as Yilan and Taitung, and those outlaying islands in my next visit.

The friendliness of the local, availability of cheap food and cheap accommodation and no language barrier always make me yearning to return.

The only hassle encountered during this trip is move our luggage as we travel to different cities. Hubby keep asking me in the mid of the trip when we will be going back to Taipei as he felt tired of moving everyday. Well, this is unavoidable unless we stationed in one city. It's possible to based in Taipei and day trip to other cities is doable especially with the HSR but it's time consuming.

Taiwan, till we meet again!

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