Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Busan, Gyeongju & Jeju trip – Epilogue

I have mentioned in the last Korea trip that I hope to visit Busan, Gyeongju and Jeju in the future and this was pushed through 2 years later. Korea is one of my favourite among the countries which I have visited so far.

Although I have not catch up with Serene after Secondary 4, we do not have any issues travelling together during the 11 days. Sometimes, the food or activities which Serene suggested is exactly what was in my mind. Maybe both of us being fanatic travelholic thinks alike. =p

I have took Air Asia X for both trips but this time round, it's a fly-thru flight hence saving time on clearing the immigration in KL airport. However the old KL LCCT was so boring that I feel that time was wasted when transiting in KL. But this cant be said for the new KL LCCT as reviews has been pretty good.

I will really recommend visiting Korea at any period of the year except Summer as most of the food are spicy or BBQ which can result in heatiness in the body. The food in Korea is so delicious that we just can't have enough of the food.

I don't mind returning to Korea again and visit other parts of the country or purely shopping and eating in Seoul.

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