Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shantou trip – Epilogue

Shantou and Chaozhou are not cities which I will plan to visit if I travel to China as there are no A-list attractions which I wanted to visit. Hence, spending 6 days in Shantou was quite boring for me as I passed the days by watching drama from my laptop when we are not visiting relatives. I guess 4 days is just about right if not for the change of flight date which I have overlooked. I have to be more careful on the flight date as I have make a mistake when booking the Bangkok trip too.

I can't imagine staying long in China as facebook, google, youtube etc are banned there. Luckily with VPN, we are able to stay connected with the world.

Moreover the elderly there spoke Teochew which I don't really understand as this is not my dialect. Hence I cant communicate much with the elderly except the youngsters who study Putonghua in school.

I don't think I want to return in the near future, maybe another 5 years down the road?

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