Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Yangon trip – Epilogue

The biggest hindrance we encountered during this trip is rain! It's indeed the raining season and we have to stop and seek shelter as the rain is too heavy for us to continue our itinerary. As a result, I have omitted few places which I have planned to visit. Luckily it didn't rain much in Bagan and we are able to follow accordingly to the plan. Hence please do not visit during the raining season unless you have ample of time to wait for the rain to stop.

Myanmar is a big country and I hope to return in the future to visit those places which I have missed out during this trip. There are no budget domestic airline and all the fare are controlled by the government hence it really a pros and cons situation as to whether saving money or time in domestic travelling is more important. I personally would prefer to travel by plane as I do not wish to spend 7 - 8hrs on the road.

My biggest concern before visiting Myanmar is the food as I have never eaten Burmese food. Other than the first meal which we require a bit of adaptability, the other meals suit our palate pretty well.

Burmese are very friendly and they smile when you say "Mingalabar" to them. They seems to be contended with the simplicity in life but it may change 10 years down the road when the country is becoming more and more developed.

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