Sunday, 4 March 2007

Cameron, KL & Malacca trip - Epilogue

Today is 元宵节 and I have finished blogging on my CNY trip. Although I feel very tired to blog after coming back from trip but I do enjoy blogging as I can document down my travel experience and share with my friends.

I enjoyed the CNY trip wif my family, probably in the future we can organise more trips with my family. Next trip I want to bring my mom to a further destination as she has not taken an aeroplane before. I feels that it's good to go for a family trip once in a while. It's not cheap for a family trip compared to me going along with friends. But my parents bought me up 辛辛苦苦把我养到那么大 and my mom have not been to many places before so I don't mind to bring them for trips. once in a while. I must earn more $$$$$.

Out of the 3 places during the CNY trip, I like Cameron Highland the most because of the weather and the natural environment. Well, I'll definitely go there again if possible although the journey to Cameron Highland is relatively long. I also want to return to Malacca n KL as I have not seen and eat enough! That's the cons of joining a tour group, so limited time in each places..

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