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Krabi trip - 23 Apr 07

Only wake up @ 8am today (S'pore time) cos wake up too early ytd. Now noe the timing le, lol.... As usual, went to Wanna's Place for breakfast. I think along the whole stretch of Ao nang beach, there r less than 5 outlets offering breakfast. Ordered cheese omlette today but my cheese omlette looks more like scrambled egg.

Cheese omlette

Reach the travel agency b4 8.30am, waiting for everyone to gather. Today we r going for island hopping to Phi Phi island, sounds familiar? Oh... it's the place where this movie 'The Beach' which starred Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. Other than Phi Phi island hopping trip, there r oso others like Hong island hopping n 4 islands hopping (which includes Tup island, Poda island, Chicken island & Phranang beach). If I wanna go for all the island hopping trips, think gonna stay here for a wk. Hmmm.... wanna go Tup island but no time to go 4 the 4 island hopping trip. Read b4 on newspaper article before tt the water @ Tup island is crystal clear n on low tide, can walk along the sands to the neighbouring island. Mayb next time.... dunno when it will be....
Waiting outside the agency
Oh... we are taking a double engine speedboat today. The speedboat is much more faster than longtail boat cos longtail boat only has 1 engine. Our boat left Ao nang beach @ 9.45am n stop @ Railey beach to pick up a caucasian.

Departing from Ao nang beach

Railey beach is only accessible by boat. (Railey beach is not an island but part of Thailand mainland). Railey beach is famous for sunset n Nam Mao beach is famous for sunrise (located at the northeast of West Railay, adjacent to East Railay). But too bad, didn't have a chance to watch sunrise n sunset here. The caucasian woman 还蛮大牌 cos she's the only person boarding from Railey beach. Everyone of us board from Ao nang beach. Somemore we waited abt 10min for her. Nvr mind, took some photos while waiting for the caucasian.

@ Railey beach

There r a lot limestone cliffs tt we passed by. We also passed by the famous Chicken island but no matter how i look, it dun seems to look a chicken head.

Looks like ???

Chicken island

The weather is super good today with clear blue sky. Before coming to Krabi, was a bit afraid tt it might rain as end of April is the begining of the monsoon season n usually there will be lots of promotion by the resorts here. The peak period here is from November - April so there r lots of Scandinavians flocking to Krabi during this period. Luckily throughout the days we were in Krabi, 老天爷对我们很好.

Blue blue sky

Endless horizon

Abt 1/2 later, we reach our 1st destination - Bamboo island. The tour guide told us tt the boat will be stopping for 45min. We didn't snorkel here as the tour guide didn't distribute the snorkelling equipment.

See the difference in colour?

Sandy beach

Our speed boat is 'Chai-nart Numchok'

Wow... the water here is quite clear n it's cool. 好舒服在太阳底下都不感觉热. After abt 1/2hr, went back to the boat to take my camera for snapping the scenary. Saw the photo below, i didn't sit down cos i was holding my digital camera, dun wanna my camera to get wet.

My feet

Soaking in the sea

Our next itinerary is snorkelling. Hehe... dunno where did the boat stop cos it's middle in the sea. I guess should be Hin Klang cos the brochure states Hin Klang, lol. Took photo of some fishes using the waterproof camera but the quality is not tt great. This time, i enjoyed myself quite a lot cos i finally noe how to snorkel, the last time @ sibu island, i didn't enjoyed mysef much cos i was really quite afraid tt i would sink (b.t.w i dun noe how to swim n yet i wanna snorkel, haha). At Sibu island, there r not much fish but lot's of purple jellyfish, over here, there r more fishes compared to Sibu Island. But CH mentioned tt Redang has much much more fishes.

After 1/2hr of snorkeling, it's already 1pm n we r on our way to Phi Phi Don for our lunch.

Phi Phi Don

V beach style rite?

My lunch

After our lunch, we went to the beach to relax as we still have abt 45min. Feel like 过着那种悠哉闲哉的生活.... I was seating on a swing enjoying the surrounding... saw kids playing on the beach, so 可爱. One kid was v cute, when the wave wash away her sand castle, she keep making the action of asking the wave to leave, haha... how can the wave understand her....

Me seating on a swing

Kids playing on the beach

Before leaving Phi Phi Don, took a snap of our boat. We choose the outer seat so tt we can c the scenary better.

Interior of the boat

The boat stop @ Viking cave for a while. There were quite a lot of fishes here. The tour guide threw some bread into the sea n immediately the fishes r fighting for their share of the bread.

Viking cave

Fishes fighting for bread

After stoping @ Viking cave, the boat stop @ the next stop - Pi Leh Bay (a lagoon in Phi Phi Ley).

@ Phi Leh Bay

The next stop is snorkelling @ Lohsamah Bay

@ Lohsamah Bay

Our last stop is Maya Bay. We were given 1hr to swim @ Maya Bay. B.t.w this is the film location of 'The beach'.

Maya bay

Wat a special name!

The boat depart from Maya bay @ 4pm. The journey back to Ao nang beach tooks abt 45min. Feel quite tired after a day... I was abt to fall a sleep enjoying the sea breeze blowing on my face...Haha... i think i've master the art of sleeping anywhere...

The boat drop the caucasian woman @ Railey beach n within 5 min, we reach Ao nang beach.

Playing volleyball @ Railey beach

We went back to our room to put our belongings n the rest of them went to the resort's swimming pool n jacuzzi. I told them i would joined them later as i received a missed call n a sms from my boss. My boss sms me saying got something urgent n want me to call back. Wonder wat happen... Hmmm... was he looking for some important documents n he dunno where i place it? N u noe wat, when i call him 2 ask him wat happen, he ask me something which i dun think is so so so urgent loh. I feel tt we can discuss when i'm back, anyway i'm only on leave for 2 days not wks or mths. Wasted $20 bucks for 9 min of not so important conversation.

Joined them in the pool n FD, CH n I decided to go 4 massage again while HY wanna soak in the bathtub, so the 3 of us headed for the massage shop. We went to different massage shop everyday. The service @ this shop today was not bad, ytd was the worst.

By the time, we went back to our room to meet HY for dinner, it's already 8pm. FD wanna eat pizza so we settled our dinner @ 'La Casa' along Ao nang beach.

La Casa

150 baht for every pizza

Interior of La Casa

Cute menu

Ice cream milkshake - quite nicely decorated


We ordered 2 pizzas - Hawaiian n Calzone. The calzone pizza looks like curry puff rite? I didn't noe tt the calzone pizza looks like this although there were photos on the menu, which means that i didn't paid attention to the photo on the menu. After finishing the 2 pizzas, we ordered Funghi pizza (mushroom pizza) as our stomach still has space for somemore. Well, still feel tt the mushroom madness @ NYDC taste the best. Actually i purposely went to eat mushroom madness after reading on the Straits Times tt it was voted the top 50 food in S'pore, 还好没有让我失望. We oso ordered 2 fried ice cream n share. Hmmm... i would prefer the tempura ice cream @ Sakae Sushi as the bread filling here is too thick.

Hawaiian pizza


The fillings inside


Fried ice cream

We finished all our food

After the dinner, I bought 5 more soap carving while walking back to the resort as i feel tt 5 is not sufficient for my friends n colleague.

Slept @ around 11plus... time flies n we'll be returning back to S'pore tml.

>>Day 4: 24 Apr 07

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