Friday, 10 August 2007

Ocean Bay Resort trip - Prologue

Yeh, I'm going for a trip. I have been waiting for this trip after I finished my exam in early Jun. It's long long long overdue! Well, as usual, always timing and travel companion issues.

This time round, I will be going with my poly mates - Celine & Diana. B.t.w gals, we should organise more trips in the future cos this is our 1st trip together since we graduated from poly 3 years ago.

A lot of you must be wondering where is Ocean Bay Resort rite? Well, I never heard of this place until i came across a travel article on 我报 (free chinese newspaper). Ocean Bay Resort is not located within the same area as those other Bintan resorts and those resorts are super expensive especially during peak period.

Location of Ocean Bay Resort

The package cost $148 (includes $45 return ferry ticket) per person. If travel in groups of 4, the package is $138 for the 1st 2 n $128 for the next 2. Initially we have a group of 4 but one back out, so left with the 3 of us. Since it's hard 2 find another person, we decided not to find a replacement.

It includes:

  • Return ferry tickets
  • Return land transfer
  • 1 night accommodation
  • All meals @ the resort
  • Use of the facilities - Island hopping, Snorkelling, Fishing etc
There is also spa facilities but of course this us not included in the package. For those interested, can visit the website:

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