Sunday, 26 August 2007

Ocean Bay Resort trip - Epilogue

This trip is more of rest & relax type. Most of the time, we are just eating and sleeping. Frankly speaking, I think I need this type of trip once in a while. It's completely different from eat and sleep at home. Over here, it's away from the life that I've been living everyday, something new and refresh. Andy, the person whom I liaised with told us that he has 2 customers who are teachers and throughout their stay here, they only sleep and eat. Sometimes, it's quite hard to do this in Singapore cos we always have endless list of things to do. 

I was a bit disappointed that this kelong is not the one featured on Channel U 都是大发现2。 I want banana boat ride! =( Celine, let's find out where is the one featured on Channel U and we shall go next time. 

 For the next 4 months till Dec, I doubt I'll be going for trips anymore. Hopefully there is a long year end trip. 

 P/s: Diana, I discovered tt both of us didn't took any photos together and I only realised it when i was uploading my photos to the blog.

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