Saturday, 19 July 2008

National museum

Went to National Museum to catch the "The Dancing Sky", aerial performance by Studio Festi from Italy. As YQ was on duty today, we caught the 2nd show at 11.30pm. It's people mountain people sea, must be the effect of free performance and free admission. Not everything that is free is worth the while. But this performance is definitely worth watching than the Hydro Sapiens by The Lunatics which we caught last time.

National museum @ nite

Once we stepped in the museum, we saw many people taking photo at the Rotunda. When I raised my head, this 8.5m tall David was standing right in front of me. YQ joke that this is indeed ART.
Surrounding David by TitarubiI only manage to touch his nose
Beautiful photography HDB flats Door to nowhere

From my personal view, Singapore night scenery still cant be compared to the beautiful Hong Kong skyline.

At the top of the museum

We only toured the Singapore Living Galleries - Food, film & wayang and fashion exhibition as we were running out of time to catch the performance.
Antique sewing machine Old cinemas tickets Gramophone Puppet stage

Cake moulds
Soft drink bottles
Posing Finally got chance to take photo with this stair
Me & YQ
In the water of the sky
Queen of the tides
Flying piano
The Progeny of dreams
Like the moon The harmony of the spheres

There should be more such performance in the future for Singaporeans. Quite a good options other than watching movie, shopping as Singapore is just too bored!

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