Saturday, 25 April 2009

Seletar Farms visit

If anyone ask you what did you did over the weekend? Most of our reply would be either watch movies, go shopping, go makan or rot at home right? This is just a typical Singaporean's weekend routine. All of us knew in our heart that Singapore is a boring place.
Me being the one who brainstorm on where to go during the weekend most of the time cos YQ's brain is brain dead by then (cracked too much brain power during wkday) =p. I have came up with a list of places which we typical Singaporean seldom went to.

This weekend we went to the pet farms in Pasir Ris and farms in Seletar. I guess pet owners should be familiar with this place as there are pet grooming shops here. The first farm which we went to is Ericsson Pet Farm. We also went to The Pet Hotel which is located beside it and Pet Movers which is located further down on the same street. There are not really a lot of pets here and I don't own a pet so one visit is enough for me.
This is not open by Sony Ericsson, haha...
Plants for sale
Pet shop
I'm communicating with the parrot, haha...
Gotta run for help...Didn't know that there is a pet hotel in SingaporeWho will be their owner? Leave it to fate.
There's a phrase "四脚朝天" but this dog is "四脚朝地"

Next, we head to Mycofarm, a mushroom farm which is located at 9 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798057. It is at the Jalan Kayu area. There is a notice pasted outside the office: "Visitors who are interested in the farm tour, please visit our retail store for assistance". There were no visitors except the two of us in the afternoon and I doubt anyone will be visiting the farm at such hours.
Mycofarm office
Air conditioned barn

We went into the barn with a guide where the Shiitake mushroom is grown. Shii means Pine and Take means Mushrooms in Japanese. Shiitake mushrooms were grown on pine logs in Japan. That’s how the name shiitake comes about.

We started to ask questions and the guide told us to tour one round before she explained to us. According to the guide, the mushrooms are grow on these logs that are packed with sawdust and nutrients and placed on shelves in these barn. The temperature is maintain at around 18 degree celsius and the room is kept dim. I forgot how long it takes to cultivates the mushrooms but I remember that the logs can only be used 5 times and will be thrown away after that. The mushrooms here are all organic as there are no pesticides and fertilisers used.

We were only allowed to tour the Shiitake mushroom barn because the other mushrooms are very "fragile" as they need a very clean environment. Haha... the mushrooms should be cultivated in the ICU. ^O^ Nevertheless, this is indeed a eye opening experience for us.
Me & mushrooms

How mushroom is grown Mushrooms growing on the log

There are a variety of mushrooms sold here - Shiitake mushroom, Willow mushroom, Abalone mushroom, White Oyster mushroom, Coral mushroom etc. We bought a variety of mushrooms and mushroom soup too.

Fresh mushroom for sale

Next we went to The Animal Resort which is located nearby at 81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061. This is an ideal place to bring kids to as there are a variety of animals and is free!
Animal Resort
Attractive signboard
Poor Horse and goat... Two of them 相依为命
Dunno why I'm scared of the horse
YQ patting the horse
Can you spot the white hair?
Koi pond
Rabbits are taking a nap
Male peacock seeking attention
Female peacock
Crown birds
Owner feeding the geese

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