Saturday, 13 June 2009

Kite Flying @ Marina Barrage

We found one more new activity for weekend - Kite Flying. I was browsing the internet to search for new activity in Singapore and kite flying was one of them. I had not fly kite for a long long time. We bought this kite for $2 at Tai Hin Toys Co Pte Ltd. This bookshop is located at Blk 735 Pasir Ris St 72 #01-337. We did not purposely went so far to buy a kite. We bought this kite when we went to Pasir Ris pet farm the last time. Initially I wanted to go to SKP Pte Ltd as this stationery shop has lots of outlet throughout the island but we saw Tai Hin Toys Co first so that's why we bought the kite here.

We tried to fly the kite at a few places but too bad there is not enough wind. Finally we found a suitable place - Marina Barrage.

Our kite

When we reach Marina Barrage, there were already quite a lot of people flying kites. This is really the right place to fly kite compared to the previous few places we found such as Punggol and Pasir Ris Park.
Kites flying in the sky....
I'm flying one myselfWhere got people sitting down to fly kite, lazy bum?
Our kite flying high in the sky
People having pinic here Wedding couple taking photo shoots here A rare scene - plane & kite

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