Monday, 5 April 2010

Penang trip - Epilogue

If I can only use one word to describe this trip, it would be "HOT". The weather took precedent over the food and historical places in Penang. The weather is unbearable and sorching hot. Is it because I'm used to staying in an air-conditioned room daily? My sis joked that umbrella should not be called 雨伞, should called 阳伞 instead since the umbrella is use to shelter against the sun and not rain.
Penang is a tourist friendly place compared to other parts of Malaysia. There are free buses looping around Georgetown and attractions in other parts of Penang can be reached by public buses. The buses are new and clean. Tourists can purchase Tourist Passport to enjoy a week of unlimited rides at RM20 and save the hassle of asking and finding the exact bus fare.
Although there are so many good points about the bus system in Penang, there are flaw in it. For some attractions, there are no direct bus plying directly to another attraction. Tourists have to return to KOMTAR to board another bus to another attraction or change bus at bus stop which the two bus route intersect. This means a waste of precious time. There are also no details on the bus route at every bus stop. I wonder if we were too pampered in Singapore that we find fault on these.
If my parents didnt join us for this trip, I would be taking bus instead of booking a cab with Vincent. Although Vincent makes an excuse for Mr Choo to take over, I'm alright with the arrangement. However my sis felt that Vincent should have told us in the beginning if he had something on to attend to. It's the last day which make me a bit pissed off. I called Vincent on the 2nd night and he told me that we can squeeze into a normal cab. Then on the 3rd day morning, he called us and mentioned that there are police road blocks and advise us to hire a van instead. As we have quite a few bags to carry and I'm concerned about that my parents would need to walk a distance if we are taking bus, we decided to hire the van. On the way to the airport, we didnt saw any road blocks. Since he is not so honest, I wouldnt recommend his service.
A lot of people comment that Penang is a food paradise. I think this depends on individual taste. Some are nice while some are mediocre. There is still a list of good food which I have not try yet so I wouldn't give a verdict now.
With the presence of Tune Hotel, accomodation becomes very affordable. I only need a clean bedroom and an ensuite toilet since I'll be outdoor most of the time, those extra facilities are not necessary. Hope that more Tune Hotel will be open in more locations, the more the merrier!
I only spent half of what I have budgeted for the 3 days. Most of the attractions are FOC. The food and public transport are cheap! Penang is definitely a place which I would return in the future since it's so near and yet so cheap.

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