Friday, 29 June 2012

Taipei trip – Prologue

This is an impromptu trip as the airtix was bought in Mar during Jetstar’s Friday Frenzy sales. The return airtix cost $264.50 which is relatively cheap. I didn’t plan to visit Taipei at all as there are many other destinations which I have yet to visit. My sister couln’t find a companion for her Taipei trip and end up I acceded to her request. This trip is one of the rare trips which I don’t have to plan anything at all as all are planned by my sis. Actually her main purpose for this trip is to try out the food at 2 cafes in Taipei hence we will be visiting both cafes daily but at different outlets.

My sis booked Keysman hotel which is the same hotel which I stayed when I went to Taipei 4 years ago. The 3 nights cost TWD 4,940 ~ S$214. The hotel is old and worn out but the location is great as it’s opposite Taipei main station and Kuo Kuang bus terminal.

Budget for the trip is S$500:
- S$25 for transport
- S$150 for food
- S$325 for shopping

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