Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bangkok trip – 17 May 14

Our room faced the Sukhumvit area and we were greeted by view of Terminal 21when we woke up in the morning.
Terminal 21 shopping centre
Reading area
Sail building design 

As the complimentary night does not include breakfast, we walked to Kuppadeli (Add: 219/1A The Pride - Asoke Towers Sukhumvit Soi 21) which is about 15min from Grand Millennium Bangkok.
Building where Kuppadeli is located

Kuppadeli offers full day brunch menu and price is pretty reasonable. We ordered two breakfast set and a latte which comes up to THB737 ~ S$29.
Scrambled egg and bacon
Eggs Benedict

We went to Erawan shrine to pray before we start our shopping itinerary for today. The Erawan shrine is situated at Grand Hyatt Hotel which is walking distance from Central World.
Erawan shrine
Central World
Art display

Naraya flagship store at Central World level 1 is also the largest among all the outlets. Opening hours is from 10am - 10pm. This is the store where every woman will go crazy as I saw many tourists from Singapore to China buying basket of bags. The bags are cheap as each rarely exceed S$20. 
Naraya flagship store

We continue our shopping at Chatuchak and and left after 3hrs because the heat is unbearable. 

We never failed to eat coconut ice cream when we are at Chatuchak as it is a great relief from the scorching sun.
Coconut ice cream

I have read on somebody blog that there is a leather keychain stall in Chatuchak. We happen to pass by the stall and decided to make a pair of keychain with our name engraved on it.
Leather keychain
Address of the shop

In addition to buying dresses and blouses from Chatuchak, I also bought slippers from this stall which sells a wide range of colourful slippers. Add: Section 10, Soi 21/3, Room 62. It's cheaper to buy 3 pairs for THB200 ~ S$8 while a pair cost THB79 ~ S$3.
I'm spoil for choice

We left Chatuchak and took a cab to Union mall which is also reachable by MRT and is just a station away. I have researched online that the stalls in Union mall is similar to Platinium mall and is usually frequent by locals. However we were disappointed with the variety of clothes here as it is either more expensive or not fashionable. We left empty handed after an hour here.
Union mall
A&W lunch
Nostalgic candy stall
Cute couple T-shirt
Shops in Union mall

We return to the hotel and rest for a while before taking a cab to T&K seafood for dinner. Add: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat, Bangkok. Opening hours: 6pm – 2am. The traffic to Yaowarat (Chinatown) is very bad and it took us more than 30min to reach. There is another seafood shop beside T&K seafood which can be differentiate prominently  by the staff T-shirt, T&K seafood is green colour while the competitor is red colour.
T&K seafood

The turnaround here is quite fast and we waited less than 5min for a table. We ordered 3 dishes and rice which adds up to THb560 ~ S$21 for 2 pax. I will highly recommend the steamed fish as it was flavourful. People have raved about the freshness of the grilled tiger prawns but both of us find that it so-so.
Steamed fish
Grilled tiger prawn
Fried morning glory aka kangkong

We have to flag a few cabs before there is one driver who is willing to turn on the meter as those before this driver quoted us a flat rate. We rounded up the night with 2hr Thai massage at Ruen Nuad, a place which we never fail to visit when we visit Bangkok.

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