Monday, 23 October 2006

Sibu island trip - Epilogue

This trip was really quite enjoyable. Although there are not many facilities in the resort, it's my first time kayaking and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to my 3 friends for making this trip interesting, including waking up to switch on the air-con as the power would be reset every night. I didn't even know that the air-con was switch off until they told me the next morning.

I really have hang-over from this trip as I suddenly have the urge to leave everything and backpack. I still have to wait for another 2 month the next trip to Macau in Dec. Hope that I can really fulfill my wish of travelling 4 times a year but my concern is finding a travel partner. CH suggested that 1 trip with her, 1 trip with my poly gals, 1 trip with my sis and for the remaining trip, depends on who is available, not a bad idea right? =)

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