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Macau trip - 27 Dec 06

Our flight was 9am in the morning and we woke up at 6.15am. The flight is so early so that's why we took a cab instead of MRT. Well, the taxi fare was about $20 hence it's $10 each which is still not very expensive.

When we reached the Budget Terminal, there were not many people checking in, probably most have checked-in as the counter was open 2hrs before departure. There is only Han's cafe at the left side of the checked-in counter before entering the immigration counter, no wonder it's called Budget Terminal. There are only 2 airlines using this terminal - Tigerairways and Cebu Pacific Airways, which must be under utilised at this moment.
Check-in counter @ Budget Terminal
Me & My sis waiting for the flight

No gate number is given until 15min before departure, hence we have to pay attention to the screen. Once the gate number is displayed, everyone rushed to the gate for boarding as the seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have to walk abt 5 min from the terminal to the plane as there are no aerobridge linking the terminal to the plane.
Boarding the plane

The seats in the plane is like normal economy class, probably a bit smaller and narrower leg space. It's ok to me cos I'm not big size. =p

Inside the plane
Me & my sis @ our seats
Lovely blue sky

About 1/2 hr after taking off, the air-stewardess began to distribute the immigration card. It is just a piece of paper with a carbon copy behind. There are 3 languages - English, Chinese and Portuguese.

Macau Immigration card

There were no meals served and everything has to be paid for. We bought a chicken sandwich which cost $7 which is quite expensive but we were a bit hungry and we wanted to taste sandwich in the air, hehe.
Chicken Sandwich

认识不同国籍的人也是旅游的一种乐趣。在这趟旅程中,我认识来自北京的朋友 - 张华卿。 她也是到澳门旅游,不过是跟旅行团。 她在这次的旅行中,到过香港,泰国,吉隆坡,新加坡, 有点羡慕她, 到过这么多国家。她跟我同龄,我们聊了好多东西哦,我看我们聊了差不多半个旅程的时间吧。
华卿, me & sis

After 3h 40min, we reached Macau! It's 1pm at Macau, no time lag as Macau is also GMT+8. The weather was cold as it's 16 degree in Macau but I like the weather.

Macau International Airport
Climbing down the stairs

We have to board a bus which will drive us to the terminal building which only took less than 5 min.
Airport bus

After collecting our luggage, we went to search for a convenient store as we do not have small change, the smallest note that we have is HK$500. Can you imagine that there are no convenient store in the airport? Even the budget terminal has a 7-11. In the end, we went to the food court to have our lunch in order to change our notes. Our lunch is super expensive, one bowl of rice and 3 dishes cost HK$100 ~ S$22.

Do not forget to pick up free maps and guide book at the tourist information counter. Be aware that the counter is closed during lunch hour cos it was about to closed when we reached the counter but we managed to pick up some maps before it closed.

After our lunch, we board a cab to Kingsway hotel. We told the taxi driver the hotel name but the taxi driver dun understand English. We look at the map for the Chinese name of the hotel and show the taxi driver the location of the hotel. Luckily, we reached the right hotel. The taxi fare cost HK$61 ~ S$12.20 including HK$5 surcharge from the airport and HK$3 for every piece of luggage in the trunk.

Inside the cab

The journey from the airport to hotel took about 20 mins. Although we have prepaid for 3 nights of accommodation, we are required to pay for a deposit of HK$500 which is refundable upon checked-out.
Hotel lobby

The room looks small but clean. The water boiler is the cleanest among all the hotel that I have stayed before.

Our room
View from our room

After settling down, we decided to visit the wine museum which is 5min walk from our hotel. The entrance fee is HK$15 ~ S$3 which include wine tasting.
Kingsway hotel
Entrance of wine museumSo many wines bottlesTasting our wines
Wine barrels
Poor wine which are locked behind the bar

After touring the wine museum, we proceed to our next destination - Fisherman's Wharf which is 15 min walk from the museum. On our way to Fisherman's Wharf, we passed by the Lotus Flower 盛世莲花. In Hong Kong, it's Bauhinia 紫荆花。These flowers are gift from China when Macau and Hong Kong are returned to China.
3 languages displayed on the Recycle bin
Lotus Flower 盛世莲花Bauhinia 紫荆花

Macau Fisherman's wharf 澳门渔人码头 has 3 main themed sections, namely Dynasty Wharf, East Meets West and Legend Wharf. The admission is free except for the rides.
Aladdin fort Tang Dynasty
Mini Potala Palace 迷你布达拉宫Knock knock who's that?

The Macau ferry terminal for boarding of ferry to Hong Kong and China.

Macau ferry terminal

Friendship Bridge at the background
Rides for kids
Famous Sand CasinoLogo looks familiar but it's not Starbucks
Roman Amphitheater
It's 5.30pm n the sun is setting
Beijing Olympic mascot - 欢欢
I got a shock when i was hug
Wow... so tall.....
It's only 6pm but the sun has set
Spain legend wharfAmsterdam legend wharf Another wharf
Wow, a huge the guitar

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